Killah Priest - The Psychic World of Walter Reed (Disc 2) Review

Killah Priest - The Psychic World of Walter Reed (2013)

This is Part II of the "Psychic World of Walter Reed" review, focusing exclusively on Disc 2.
You can read the review for Disc 1 here.

1) The PWOWR (Problem Solver) - Disc 2 starts out with a track that is very similar to Heavy Mental (off the album of the same name). The beat, provided by True Masta, Gza and Shaolin Monks, is really just a blend of atmospheric music, with no drums. This is the perfect way for Killah Priest to get the listener to focus on only his lyrics. Great way to start out Disc 2. Priest has made a bunch of tracks similar to this one throughout his career, and I've like them all.

2) The Black Market - I was really hoping we would get a Tragedy Khadafi, Timbo King, Hell Razah or William Cooper verse on this since its title is very similar to the name of the supergroup "The Black Market Militia", which Priest is a member of. No luck there, but Priest still rips it over a Ciph Barker and Beat Butcha collabo beat. Very nice.

3) L Thianine - Another banging beat produced by Purpose (who also produced one of my favorite tracks on Disc 1 - Visionz). I read somewhere that L Thianine is derived from green tea leaves to produce a calming effect. Well, the track is kinda calming so that fits, and KP comes nice as always.

4) Tonite We Ride (featuring George Clinton) - Once again, Jordan River Banks comes with a nice beat. I'm really not liking the chorus on here though. Not one of my favorites on Disc 2. I was way deeper into Disc 1 before coming to a filler-type track. Hopefully this trend does not continue. George Clinton only comes in for a bit at the end.

5) Tower (The Visitor) - Ok. I really like this track. St. Peter on the beat and Priest rips it. Godz Wrath really blessed Priest on this album. Hopefully they continue working together in the future.

6) Fortune Teller - Another St. Peter track which has some crazy vocal samples woven throughout the beat. Killah Priest comes correct, as always. Disc 2 looks like its back on track after the weak chorus on Tonite We Ride.

7) Think Priest (Good Thoughts) - These beats keep getting better and better. This time Jordan River Banks gives Priest a nice piano sample to destroy. Good stuff.

8) Golden Calf - Another piano beat with some chanting in the background, courtesy of Ciph Barker. We are on a roll here. I'm not sure the tracks on Disc 2 are quite as strong as Disc 1, but they would still be great on any other album.

9) Fire Stone - This is the second of the Rza produced tracks. Once again, its a piano beat with a vocal sample woven into the chorus, but Priest just shreds it to pieces. I like this one much better than the other Rza track, "Energy Work", on Disc 1.

10) Mentalude (Just My Thoughts) - This is very similar to the first track on Disc 2 - "The PWOWR." Its basically a short track of Priest rapping over a drum-less beat. Produced by Killah Priest and the Gza. If Gza's new album "Dark Matter" is full of these kind of beats, he may just fall asleep before finishing.

11) Lord Marduk (featuring Lord Fury) - This is the track that contains the Cilvaringz diss over a misunderstanding about banners on Wu-Corp or something - "You'll catch fire, you're liars, like Cilvaringz." The beat, provided by Mercilless, has an electric guitar type sound as its backbone and the guest, Lord Fury, sounds pretty good. Never heard of the producer or the guest on this track, but both sound just fine.

12) Music of the Spheres -  After a short sample about the Pythagoreans, we are blessed with a Jordan River Banks beat that sounds similar to the space theme that was prevalent on Disc 1. Priest keeps with the theme and raps about space and the planets.

13) Anakim Dream - This is the only Fourth Disciple beat on the album and its ok. When I think of Fourth Disciple, I think of the classic Killarmy album "Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars." This beat is nowhere near any the beats on that album, but its not bad. Priest does sound good over it, though, so I cant really complain. I just was hoping that a track with both KP and Fourth Disciple on it was a bit stronger. Not a dud, just not classic like I was hoping.

14) How I Write - Now this is more like it. Ciph Barker provides a really cinematic beat and Priest tears it up. I really like this one.

15) Wubian Nation (featuring Raekwon) - This is the last track on the album that features another Wu member. The organ driven beat is provided by someone named "Federico Csik Lopez." Not familar with him, but the beat is really nice. Raekwon sounds the same as he has the past few years, good lyrically but lacking much energy on the mic.

16) The Document - This one is produced by a combined Godz Wrath and features some horns over a laid-back beat. Priest is in story-telling mode, which is usually a good thing. Not a standout for me, but not horrible. There is a long skit at the end leading into the next track.

17) Listen To Me - This track has been out for quite a while and has been one of my favorites for some time. Another Kalisto beat that I'm really feeling. I hope this guy gets more work in the future. Priests lyrics are sad and suit the beat perfectly. I can play this one all day.

18) Lotus Flower - Very nice beat by St Peter. The intro beat is crazy, but it fades out into another great instrumental before coming back during the chorus, so no complaints here. This is one of the top songs on Disc 2 for me.

19) The Question - Produced by KP himself, this is more of a skit than a song in my opinion. Eh, I could do without this.

20) Love is Life (featuring Alita Dupray) - Very soulful beat here. The mastering is a bit lower than the other tracks. Still, very dope track.

21) Nazareth - This track showed up on one of the Digital Dynasty mixtapes. The beat has multiple layers and is produced by Jordan River Banks. There might be a little TOO much going on in the beat, but it doesn't really distract me that much. Not a stand out, but not bad.

I'm going to give P.W.O.W.R (Disc 2) a:

4.5 / 5

Disc 2, while not quite as consistent as Disc 1, is still a VERY dope album.

My overall score for The Psychic World of Walter Reed is a 9/10. Given the test of time, it will jump up probably to a 9.5/10, but for now I can't call it a classic. A few filler tracks hold it back from that perfect score. I would, however, strongly recommend purchasing this album to any hip hop fan. You are getting 35-36 really great tracks over the course of the 41 track album.

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  1. thanks for the review, I agree almost a hundred percent, to me it is a classic already :)

    1. Agreed. Definitely one of my top albums of 2013.