Sean Price - Mic Tyson (Review)

Sean Price - Mic Tyson (cover)

Sean Price is one of the original members of Boot Camp Clik (specifically one half of Heltah Skeltah along with Rock) and a member of the supergroup Random Axe. Since his first appearance in 1995, Sean P (aka Ruck) has dropped three albums as part of Heltah Skeltah, one as part of Random Axe and three solo albums. The focus of this review is on his latest solo endeavor, Mic Tyson, which dropped in late 2012.

First Light (Pep Love and Opio) - Fallacy Fantasy (Review)

First Light (Opio and Pep Love) - Fallacy Fantasy (cover)

First Light is a group consisting of Hieroglyphics members Pep Love and Opio (of Souls of Mischief). Their album, Fallacy Fantasy, was released digitally on March 26, 2013, with physical copies coming in early April. As far as I know, mostly all songs on the album were produced by Unjust (of Chosen Few).

Trinity (A.G., Sadat X and DJ Jab) - 20 In (Review)

Trinity (AG, Sadat X, DJ Jab) - 20 In (cover)

Trinity is a group made up of emcees A.G. (of DITC) and Sadat X (of Brand Nubian) and the owner of Fat Beats (DJ Jab). The album is called 20 In, which is a testament to the long careers of both AG and Sadat X as well as the longevity of Fat Beats. The album was released on March 26th, 2013 through Fat Beats Records.

Durag Dynasty - 360 Waves (Review)

Durag Dynasty - 360 Waves (cover)

Durag Dynasty is a collaboration album between West Coast emcees Planet Asia, Killer Ben and TriState and producer/emcee The Alchemist. The album is produced entirely by Alchemist and features appearances from Prodigy (of Mobb Deep), Phil The Agony, Evidence, Imam Thug, Chance Infinite and Big Twinz. The album was released on March 26th, 2013 through Nature Sounds.

Papoose - Nacirema Dream (Review)

Papoose - Nacirema Dream (cover)

Papoose is a rapper out of Brooklyn, NY, who is best known for his extensive mixtape catalog and crazy punchlines. Back in 2005 or so, he signed to Jive Records and announced his debut album, The Nacirema Dream, which was to be released shortly thereafter. After a split with Jive and numerous other delays, the album is finally being released independently. So how does it sound? Click to find out.

Roc Marciano - Reloaded (Review)

Roc Marciano - Reloaded (Review)

Roc Marciano is a former member of Busta Rhyme's Flipmode Squad who left the group back in 2001 to form his own group The U.N. A few mixtapes later, the New York based producer/emcee went solo and has since dropped two studio albums and a collaborate EP with Gangrene. His second album, Reloaded, was released in late 2012 and is probably one of my favorite albums from last year. Click to read the full review of Reloaded.

Yamin Semali - Yamin (Video and Album Stream)

Yamin Semali is an emcee/producer hailing from Atlanta, GA who recently released his debut album YAMIN back in February, 2013. I'd never really heard anything by him until I ran across this video for the song Yamin (which is the title track from the album) a few days ago. This is DOPE!

You can stream the full album below. If you like it, make sure you hit up Yamins Bandcamp site and buy the album. Don't sleep on this!

Schoolboy Q - Yay Yay (Produced by Boi-1da) (Single)

Here is the first single, entitled Yay Yay, from Schoolboy Q's upcoming sophomore album Oxymoron. The song is produced by Boi-1da and is really dope. Similar to most of Habits & Contradictions, the beat is dark and Schoolboy rips it. In a recent article for MTV, Schoolboy revealed the guests for the album, which includes Pharrell, Kendrick Lamar, A$AP Rocky and Danny Brown. There is currently no release date for Oxymoron. Check out the single below and make sure to pick up Habits & Contradictions if you haven't already. Its definitely one of the better albums released in 2012.

Ghostface Killah and Adrian Younge - Twelve Reasons to Die (Tracklisting and Snippets)

The full tracklisting and snippets for the Ghostface Killah / Adrian Younge collaboration album Twelve Reasons to Die appeared online earlier today. The album features guest appearances from Masta Killah, U-God, Inspectah Deck, Cappadonna and Killa Sin. Check out the snippets below then head over to Amazon or the Soul Temple Music website to preorder the album. Don't sleep on this one.

Looks like the snippets got taken down from Youtube, but are currently still up on Amazon UK.

1. Beware of the Stare
2. Rise of the Black Suits
3. I Declare War (feat. Masta Killa)
4. Blood On the Cobblestones (feat. U-God & Inspectah Deck)
5. The Center Of Attraction (feat. Cappadonna)
6. Enemies All Around Me (feat. William Hart)
7. An Unexpected Call (The Set Up) (feat. Inspectah Deck)
8. The Rise Of the Ghostface Killah (feat. Masta Killa & Killa Sin)
9. Revenge Is Sweet (feat. Masta Killa & Killa Sin)
10. Murder Spree (feat. U-God, Masta Killa, Inspectah Deck & Killa Sin)
11. The Sure Shot (Parts One & Two)
12. 12 Reasons to Die

Wu-Block (Review)

Wu-Block is a collaboration album between Ghostface Killah (from Wu-Tang Clan) and Sheek Louch (of The Lox / D-Block). The two groups have collaborated many times in the past, so an album together seemed to be the natural progression of things. The self-titled album was released on November 27, 2012 and featured appearances from members of both camps.

Swollen Members - Beautiful Death Machine (Review)

Swollen Members - Beautiful Death Machine (cover)

Swollen Members are a group from Vancouver consisting of emcees Madchild and Prevail as well as producer Rob The Viking (although I'm not sure if he is an official member). The first time I heard of Swollen Members was back in 1999 when I ordered their debut album Balance. The album was dope as hell and got me quite interested in the group due to their dark beats and obvious lyrical abilities. After Balance, however, I kinda lost track of the group due to some singles I wasn't quite feeling at the time. I recently heard that they were dropping a new album and I decided now was as good a time as any to catch back up with them. Click to read the full review of the latest Swollen Members album Beautiful Death Machine, which dropped March 19th, 2013.

Vinnie Paz - Season of the Assassin (Review)

Vinnie Paz - Season of the Assassin (cover)

Season of the Assassin is the first solo album from Jedi Mind Tricks member Vinnie Paz. The album, released in 2010, continues with the aggressive beats and lyrics that are so prevalent on Jedi Mind Tricks albums. So how does Vinnie's first solo effort stack up against his group albums? Click to find out.

ST 2 Lettaz - Rotation

I just stumbled across this ST 2 Lettaz track on Soundcloud earlier today. Not sure where its from, but it's a dope song. The track is called Rotation and is produced by Ceezy. ST spits about his love of Mary Jane over a smooth jazz beat. Very nice.

Vinnie Paz - God of the Serengeti (Review)

Vinnie Paz - God of the Serengeti (Review)

Despite being best known as a member of Jedi Mind Tricks, Vinnie Paz dropped a dope solo album entitled Season of the Assassin back in 2010. His second solo album, God of the Serengeti was released back in October of 2012. Both albums built upon the aggressive sound present on the Jedi Mind Tricks albums, but allowed Vinnie to shine on his own. This review will focus on his second (and most recent) album - God of the Serengeti.

The Doppelgangaz - Hark (Review)

The Doppelgangaz - HARK (cover)

The Doppelgangaz are a duo hailing from New York consisting of members EP and Matter Ov Fact.  They released an extremely dope album, 2012: The New Beginning, back in 2009. This was really the last time I had a chance to check out any of their material until now. Their newest album, HARK, was just released on March 12, 2013 by Groggy Pack Entertainment. Both members of the group share emcee/production duties on pretty much all of the albums tracks. Click to read the review.

Ghostface Killah and Adrian Younge - Enemies

Here is the third leak from the Ghostface Killah / Adrian Younge collaboration album Twelve Reasons To Die. This one is called Enemies and, like the previous two singles, is a banger.

So far everything released from this album has been really good and my anticipation for it is through the roof. The full album is due out April 15th and can be pre-ordered at the Soul Temple Music website. If you have not heard the previous two singles, you can check out The Rise of the Ghostface Killah here and The Sure Shot (Part One and Part 2) here.

Apollo Brown and O.C. - Trophies (Review)

O.C. and Apollo Brown - Trophies (cover)

Trophies is a collaboration album between veteran D.I.T.C. emcee O.C. and Detroit producer Apollo Brown. The album dropped back in May of 2012 on Mello Music Group. O.C. is one of my favorite emcees and I consider his first two albums, Word...Life and Jewelz, to be classics. Apollo Brown is much newer to the game, having produced albums with Hassaan Mackey and his group The Left, just in the past few years. How did the album turn out? Click to read the review.

Big K.R.I.T - R.E.M. (Video)

Big K.R.I.T just released a new video for R.E.M. - the latest song off of his upcoming project King Remembered In Time. The video and song are both dope and I cant wait for the tape to drop. If it's anything like his last few mixtapes and his album, it should be very solid.


 As of now, King Remembered In Time has no release date.

Hell Razah - Heaven Razah (Review)

Hell Razah - Heaven Razah (front cover)

Hell Razah is easily one of my top emcee's. He has been around for quite some time, as a member of the Wu-Fam group Sunz of Man and as a solo artist. He dropped two very dope albums back in 2007 (Renaissance Child and Razah's Ladder) before returning with Heaven Razah in 2010. Unfortunately, Hell Razah suffered a brain aneurysm back in 2010 (I believe it was right before this album came out) and has been recovering ever since. In a recent interview over at, Killah Priest mentioned that he had spoken to Razah and that he was doing much better. I sure hope so, since I'd love to hear some more music from him.

Killah Priest - Heavy Mental (Throwback Review)

Killah Priest - Heavy Mental

With Killah Priest recently dropping his extremely dope new album The Psychic World of Walter Reed, I decided to dig out my favorite album from him - 1998's Heavy Mental. This was Priests first solo album and actually ended up coming out before his first group album with Sunz of Man - The Last Shall Be First. I remember scrounging the internet looking for Real Audio leaks off of this album since I was fiending for it after his appearances on various Wu-Tang projects. Just mentioning Real Audio makes me feel old. Anyways, how is the album? Click to find out.

Killah Priest - The Winged People (Video)

Killah Priest just dropped a video for track The Winged People off of his new album The Psychic World of Walter Reed. This is one of my favorite songs on the album and the video is crazy.

Check out my full review of The Psychic World of Walter Reed - Disc 1 and Disc 2.
Also, make sure you cop the album and support real hip-hip.

Havoc - Gone (New Single)

Here is the newest single off of the soon to be released solo album 13 by Havoc (of Mobb Deep). The song is titled Gone and features Havoc going solo over a self-produced instrumental. I'm really looking forward to this album and have high hopes that Mobb Deep will eventually re-unite to drop another album. The full album 13 will be released on May 7th through Nature Sounds.

Action Bronson - Morey Boogie Boards (prod. by Harry Fraud)

Here is the first single from Harry Fraud's new mixtape Adrift, which will be released this Friday, March 8th. The song features Action Bronson spitting fire over a breezy instrumental that epitomizes the sound Harry Fraud is known for. Both of these guys can do no wrong lately, and this song is no exception. Check it out below.

Ghostface Killah and Adrian Younge - The Sure Shot (Parts One and Two)

Soul Temple Music just dropped the second single from the Ghostface Killah / Adrian Younge collaboration album - "Twelve Reasons to Die." The track is titled "The Sure Shot (Parts One and Two) and is flames. I cannot wait for this project to come out. The beat switch for Part Two is crazy.

The full album is due out April 15th and can be pre-ordered at the Soul Temple Music website. If you have not heard the first single, "The Rise of the Ghostface Killah", you can check it out here.

ST 2 Lettaz - The G... Growth And Development Review

I started listening to G-Side back in 2007 or so when I first began seeing their songs posted on various hip-hop forums. Consisting of emcee's ST 2 Lettaz and Yung Clova, the group brought gritty, street smart rhymes coupled with banging cinematic beats, mostly provided by the Block Beattaz. Five really great albums later, the group broke up with ST and Clova going their own separate ways. "The G... Growth and Development" is the first solo album from ST 2 Lettaz and was released on March 5th, 2013. Click to read the full review.

Cappadonna - Eyrth, Wynd and Fyre (Disc 2) Review

This is a review of Disc 2 of the new Cappadonna double album, entitled "Eyrth, Wynd and Fyre", which was released on February 26th, 2013. In my review of Disc 1 of "Eyrth, Wynd and Fyre", I mention that the beats were pretty good, but Cappadonna was inconsistent lyrically and with his flow. Due to this, the overall product turned out kind of bland. Lets hope Disc 2 turns out a bit better. Click below to find out if it did.

Cappadonna - Eyrth, Wynd and Fyre (Disc 1) Review

Cappadonna - Eyrth, Wynd and Fyre

This is a review of the new Cappadonna double album entitled "Eyrth, Wynd and Fyre", which was released on February 26th, 2013. Since this is a double album, I'm going to break the review up into two parts. You can read the review for Disc 2 here. All songs on Disc 1 are produced by J. Glaze, except for "Back To School", which is produced by Whaul. Click here to read the full review.

Durag Dynasty - 360 Waves (Tracklisting and Single)

Durag Dynasty is a supergroup consisting of emcee's Planet Asia, Killer Ben and Tristate with Alchemist on production. Their debut album, "360 Waves", will be released on March 26, 2013 via Nature Sounds. Check out the tracklisting as well as the first single "Spiral Event (ft. Evidence)", below.

1. The Next One (Intro)
2. Durag Dynasty Theme
3. Tender Greens
4. Fish Meat (feat. Prodigy)
5. 360 Waves
6. Trailer Mix (feat. Phil The Agony)
7. Spiral Event (feat. Evidence)
8. Yasir Arafat Prelude
9. Yasir Arafat
10. Tetrahydrons on Mars (feat. Chace Infinite)
11. Goon Call (feat. Iman Thug)
12. Bigger U Are The Harder You Fall  (feat. Big Twinz & Alchemist)
13. Shooters
14. Luxury Whip
15. Funyons

You can pre-order the album now over at the Nature Sounds website.

S.T. 2 Lettaz - Prelude...To The G (Review)

ST 2 Lettaz is about to drop his first solo album "The G... The Growth and Development" on March 5th. He dropped this free mixtape, "Prelude... To The G" a few weeks back to build some extra hype for the full album release. As far as I know, all of the tracks on here were meant to be on the album, but were cut for various reasons. Click to check out my review.

Tonedeff - Glutton EP (Review)

Tonedeff - Glutton EP

Glutton is the first EP from Tonedeff's second album - Polymer. The album consists of 4 EPs that, when combined, will form the final album. Glutton was released on February 26, 2013 and features production from NumberNin6, Chew Fu and Tonedeff himself. Click to read the full review.