Cappadonna - Eyrth, Wynd and Fyre (Disc 1) Review

Cappadonna - Eyrth, Wynd and Fyre

This is a review of the new Cappadonna double album entitled "Eyrth, Wynd and Fyre", which was released on February 26th, 2013. Since this is a double album, I'm going to break the review up into two parts. You can read the review for Disc 2 here. All songs on Disc 1 are produced by J. Glaze, except for "Back To School", which is produced by Whaul. Click here to read the full review.

1) Real Life - The first beat on the album is pretty good and consists of some horns and piano loop. The instrumental is pretty energetic, but Cappadonna sounds a bit off beat on this. He sounds like he spends the entire track just trying to catch up to the beat. Not a great way to start off the album, but it could have been worse I guess. At least its not a skit.

2) The Body Rock - This is a much better than the previous track. Nice piano beat and some hard drums. Cappadonna is spitting fire on this. The hook is kind of annoying though. Hopefully the other tracks on this album are on par with this.

3) Boogah Hill - I guess Cappadonna needed to take a breather after the energy he came with on the previous track, since the tempo on this song is much slower. The instrumental is a nice little piano loop. It seems like an entire verse is missing since the beat rides out for like a minute, and then the chorus comes back in near the end of the song. Strange.

4) Hustle Game Tight - The beat for this track is a bit darker than the previous songs. Cappadonna sounds kinda mad and brings some energy. He even makes mention to his days as a cab driver on here. I like this. One of the better songs so far.

5) The Better Life Movement - Nice beat and Cappdonna is spitting. Once again, the chorus is kind of annoying. Two songs I like in a row! The album is looking up a bit.

6) Pull Ya Life Together - This is a story track which contains a positive message similar in style and substance to Wu-Tang Clans "A Better Tomorrow." Beat is pretty good - not bad, but not spectacular. The chorus is better than the past few.

7) Puffed On Pride - This is the first single from the album. Cappadonna shows off some hilarious dance moves in the video, which you can peep below. Both the beat and Cappadonna sound kinda dark on here. The instrumental is mostly made up of a piano with some synths coming in occasionally. As a running trend on the album, the chorus is pretty annoying. Despite this, I actually like this song.

8) Creature Feature - Interesting song title. The beat is quite epic and energetic. Cappadonna sounds pretty good on here as well. One of the better tracks on the album.

9) In The Dungeon (featuring Show Stopper) - Due to the title of this song, I was hoping the instrumental was on some dark, gritty boom bap ish. It's not. The beat does sound ok, but the chorus is really annoying (surprise). Also, the guest and Cappadonna are forgettable. Bleh.

10) Rap is Like Crack (featuring Solomon Childs) - The instrumental for this song is pretty dope and both Cappadonna and Solomon Childs sound good over it. Solomon Childs seemed to be everywhere a few years back and then just kinda disappeared. Not bad.

11) God Forgive Me For My Sins - Cappadonna sounds kind of forgettable over another piano based instrumental. Its not bad, by any means, but it just feels like its missing something.

12) Back To School - This album is just starting to blend together. The beats are passable and Cappadonna isn't really saying much. None of these songs are horrible, just bland.

13) Children of Israel (featuring Show Stopper) - Rock-inspired beat with some piano keys sprinkled in. Despite the horrible chorus by Show Stopper, this is one of the better songs on the album. Cappadonna stays on beat and the instrumental is pretty dope.

14) Net Surfin (featuring Show Stopper) - The beat on here is really laid back and Cappadonna sounds half asleep (as am I at this point). Forgettable.

I can sum up Disc 1 in one word - bland. The album has some good songs and some filler songs, but even the good songs seem to be lacking....something. Hopefully Disc 2 sounds a bit better. I'm going to rate Disc 1 a

2.5 / 5

since some of the songs on here could have been really dope if a different approach was taken.


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