First Light (Pep Love and Opio) - Fallacy Fantasy (Review)

First Light (Opio and Pep Love) - Fallacy Fantasy (cover)

First Light is a group consisting of Hieroglyphics members Pep Love and Opio (of Souls of Mischief). Their album, Fallacy Fantasy, was released digitally on March 26, 2013, with physical copies coming in early April. As far as I know, mostly all songs on the album were produced by Unjust (of Chosen Few).

1) Greetings (featuring Phesto) - The album begins Pep Love, Opio and Phesto (of Souls of Mischief) getting busy over a laid back but dope instrumental. This was pretty good, but didn't really jump out at me as a real banging opener.

2) Valley of the Kings (featuring Casual) - The cinematic beat on here is dope and Pep Love sets it off nicely:
"They try to decipher the scrolls
But how they ever gonna see the light if they third eye is closed
Out of the ice cold, hotter than nitro
Ignited, when I get on the mic its like a light show"
His flow and internal rhymes patterns have always been real tight. Casual comes next and rips it with Opio closing out the track. Very nice song.

3) Over the Top - The instrumental on here starts out real minimalistic and then slowly builds up and evolves as the verses go on. Both emcees destroy this track. This is dope.

4) Los Lobos - I believe this is the third single from the album (or at least the third video)

The electronic beat is quite spacey, which is something I've always found Hieroglyphics as a whole to be particularly at good rapping over. Right from the start you can tell that both Opio and Pep Love are going to have no problem wrecking the beat. This is probably my favorite song on here so far.

5) Lighters (featuring A-Plus, Del the Funky Homosapian and Casual) - This was the first video from the album and is the only posse cut on here. Like the previous song, the beat is real electronic and everyone rips it. The beat could have been a little but better, but it is what it is.

I think Los Lobos is the better track, but this is dope and its nice to hear most of Hiero all on one track. Hearing Del got me fiending for Deltron Event II.

6) Shinin' - The vocal loop on here starts off dope, but begins to get a bit repetitive after a while. Regardless, Pep Love and Opio sound great on here. While far from terrible, this song is not as impressive as the previous few tracks.

7) Jizz (featuring Cold Showda) - Hmm. The album is losing momentum a bit since I'm not really feeling this track either. The lyrics are ok, but the beat is just bland.

8) Do What I Want - Well this is a little bit better. The vocal sample is pretty tight, but it gets a bit repetitive. Both Opio and Pep Love rip it though. I never really thought these two would form a group but they have good chemistry together.

9) Rock Raw - Ok this is much better. The beat is light and airy, but the drums got my head nodding. Opio sounds good, but Pep Love destroys this track. His flow on here is crazy. Dope track.

10) Dip Dip Dive - The instrumental on here is laid back and both emcees sound ok, but this song failed to keep my attention. This is not a standout track for me.

11) Make It Pop (featuring Tajai) - The beat is a bit more energetic than the last track, but it's not as dope as I thought it was the first time I heard it. Opio and Pep Love sound good, but I think Tajai had the best verse on here. Eh, this song is just ok.

12) Do This Well - The vocal sample on here is pretty ill and its got my head nodding a bit. Again, this is just ok though. I feel like most of the dope joints were on the first half of the album. Pep Love and Opio are definitely outshining the beats. Where is all the Domino and A-Plus production?

13) Mission - This is a little bit better. The beat sounds like a nice soul sample with some hard drums and synths. Pep Love spits about his mission in life and Opio provides the chorus. Nice.

14) Libel - The instrumental on here is dope, but kind of overpowers the verses a little. Still, this is quite good. I could almost picture this beat on Pep Loves Ascension album.
"I'm validated by the style I created
Now they say that I'm the greatest while you haters get degraded
And speaking in laymens terms, you, any and all that's concerned
I spit a blazing inferno flow"
I like this.

15) Matrix (featuring Knobody) - I'm really digging the beat on here and all emcees bring it. I'm not really familiar with Knobody, but he comes correct. Not a bad way to close out the album. I wish these last two songs were moved up in the track list and some of the filler in the middle removed.

* There was also a video for a track called Hold On, which didn't end up on the digital album for some reason. Maybe it will turn up on the physical, but the song is dope so I figured I'd include it down here.*

I think I may end up removing one of the filler tracks from the middle of the album and replacing it with this single.

I'm going to rate the album a

3.75 / 5

since the album had a bit of a rough patch in the middle after a dope first few songs. Over time, the album may gain that quarter point and jump up to 4 / 5, but I need to let it soak in a bit more. Opio and Pep Love sound great, as always. Their flows, lyrics and chemistry are all on point. The only thing holding back the album is some lackluster beats. Still, this album is really dope and should be a must have for any Hieroglyphics fan.


  1. Knobody a member of Chosen Few??

    This is a very bad review :(

    Album is banging! Pure quality Beats and vocals!

    Hiero Hiero Hiero Hiero Hiero

    1. Sorry about that..not sure why I had him tagged as part of Chosen Few. I updated the review.

      Also, I did say the album was pretty dope and should be a 4/5 after some more listens. I just wasn't feeling some of the production. The lyrics were always on point, but the beats were just lacking something for me. Thanks for the feedback.

  2. i couldnt agree with you more mike, thanks.