Sean Price - Mic Tyson (Review)

Sean Price - Mic Tyson (cover)

Sean Price is one of the original members of Boot Camp Clik (specifically one half of Heltah Skeltah along with Rock) and a member of the supergroup Random Axe. Since his first appearance in 1995, Sean P (aka Ruck) has dropped three albums as part of Heltah Skeltah, one as part of Random Axe and three solo albums. The focus of this review is on his latest solo endeavor, Mic Tyson, which dropped in late 2012.

1) The Genesis of the Omega - The album forgoes the usual rap album intro and kicks straight into a hard hitting Alchemist instrumental. The drums got my head nodding and Sean Price rips it. The video is pretty dope too.

The only bad thing about this track is that it is so short, clocking in at two minutes or so. Still, its a good way to start off the album.

2) Bar-Barian - The Alchemist returns to bless us with another dope instrumental for Sean P to wreck. The beat is a crazy vocal sample with not much going on in the way of drums. Regardless, Sean P spits fire on here:
"I don't want to dougie, I just want money
Studied under the understudy the one-twenty
Young dummies can't spar
No life, my flow tight, like your pants are"
Very dope. Too bad the song is quite short.

3) Pyrex - The beat, by Amp, sounds very much like a imitation DJ Premier instrumental. I mean this in a good way though. This isn't a cheap knockoff,  it sounds dope. The scratching on the chorus is nice and Sean P sounds good on here. This is also the first song on the album that has P spitting for more than one verse.

4) Price & Shining Armor (featuring Ruste Juxx) - The instrumental, provided by Wool, has some heavy strings and hard hitting drums. Sean P spits a verse and a half, while guest Ruste Juxx finishes out the song. At just over three minutes long this is the longest track so far, which is good because its fire.

5) Title Track - The Eric G beat on here is a bit different than the others since it incorporates some synths or lasers or something, but it still hits quite hard. Sean P does his thing.
"I'm the best in the borough, I'm the best in the city
I'm the best of the state, and the rest of you fakes
Don't question the ape, throw the sket at your face
Bang, bang, shoot 'em up, make a mess of the place"
6) Straight Music - 9th Wonder stops by and delivers a dope vocal sample for Ruck to rip. So far the beats and rhymes on this album have been consistently ill. Most of the songs are short and have no choruses, just Sean P spitting for two minutes.

7) STFU, Pt. 2 - Now this is dope. The Alchemist drops another banger and Sean P destroys it. The beat is grimy and P sounds hungry on here:
"The best rapper, the worst rapper
The sket clapper, the purse snatcher
The neck snapper, the Earth slapper
This your man Sean
The opposite of a fuckin Duran Duran song"

This is one of my favorite songs on the album.

8) Hush - This is the second Justus League beat on here, this time by Khrysis. The instrumental is banging and Sean P spits fire. If you can't tell, this is a recurring theme on the album - hard beat, dope lyrics. The only bad thing is the length of the tracks since they are quite short and leave you wanting more.

9) Solomon Grundy (featuring Ike Eyes and Ill Bill) - Eric G returns with a crazy organ instrumental that will get your head nodding. The beat sounds like something out of a horror movie and both Sean P and Ill Bill rip it. I was less impressed with Ike Eyes, but he sounded ok I guess.

10) Frankenberry (featuring Buckshot) - This song has three full verses and still clocks in at only two and a half minutes. Stu Bangas provides a dope, if slightly repetitive, beat for Ruck and Buckshot to get busy over. This is dope, but not a standout track for me. I love the title of the song though.

11) BBQ Sauce (featuring Pharoahe Monche) - This track bangs. Produced by Evidence and DJ Babu (both of Dilated Peoples), the beat hits really hard and is full of energy. I wish Pharoahe Monche would have spit a verse instead of just providing the chorus, but the song is crazy anyways. The video is hilarious and has Sean P playing the most interesting man in the world.

This song is fire and is definitely one of my favorites on here.

12) Bully Rap (featuring Realm Reality) - The Alchemist returns and drops another banger. The beat has a ill vocal sample with some synth-type noises that I'm not quite sure how to describe. Realm Reality only provides the chorus with Sean P going in for two verses.
"I get paid to
Make music, burst through walls like Kool-Aid came through
13) By the Way (featuring Torae) - The dope beat, provided by Evidence, is made up of some synths and some HARD snares. This song bangs. Evidence and Alchemist have been bringing heat on this album. Once again, Torae only provides the hook and Sean P drops two ill verses. These songs are so short though, with only 4 or 5 of them even reaching the three minute mark.

14) Battering Bars (featuring Pumpkin Head) - Beat Butcha (one of the members of Godz Wrath) hooks up Sean P with a laid back soul sample that sounds really dope. This time P actually shares the mic with Pumpkin Head, who drops a verse instead of just the hook. Both emcees come correct and the beat is nice.

15) The Hardest Ni**a Out - Beat Butcha closes out the album with another banging vocal sample that Sean P destroys. This album has been fire all the way through and does not let up any at the end. Great way to end the record.

*The following three tracks are on the iTunes Deluxe Version only*

16) Haraam - This bonus track actually got a video to go along with it.

The beat by Team Demo is made up of some epic horns and ill drums. There is no need to keep saying this, but Sean P destroys the track. Nice song.

17) Remember (featuring Freddie Gibbs) - Statik Selektah rarely disappoints on the beat and he definitely delivers here. Sean P comes correct over a dope vocal sample with a muffled electric guitar running through the instrumental. I gotta give this track to Freddie Gibbs though since he totally murders this.

18) I See - The final bonus track is produced by Quelle Chris. The beat is made up of a vocal sample repeating the song title over and over. The song is only one minute long and left me wanting more.

I'm going to rate the album a

4 / 5

since it plays very well all the way through. The beats are really dope and Sean P delivers on each verse. The only real criticism I have is that barely any of the songs are more than three minutes long and many have just one verse. The shorter songs do help the album flow seamlessly, but just as I start getting into a song it ends. Still, this album is insanely dope and a must have for any hip-hop fan.


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