S.T. 2 Lettaz - Prelude...To The G (Review)

ST 2 Lettaz is about to drop his first solo album "The G... The Growth and Development" on March 5th. He dropped this free mixtape, "Prelude... To The G" a few weeks back to build some extra hype for the full album release. As far as I know, all of the tracks on here were meant to be on the album, but were cut for various reasons. Click to check out my review.

1) The G (featuring Grilly) - This track was previously released under the title "Roll Tide Nation" and even had a video to go along with it. The beat is classic BlockBeattaz and both Grilly and S.T. come correct. The beat switches up a bit during S.T's verse and includes some rock elements. Not bad, but not my favorite on here.

2) Crown - S.T. goes off over another dope BlockBeattaz instrumental. Once again, the beat switches up on the second half of the song, this time to be more subdued. S.T. is coming for the throne - "Crown me king!" I really like this song. Too bad it was cut from the album.

3) Juug (featuring Mic Strange) - The beat on here starts off quite mellow but really picks up when the chorus kicks in. I know this sample from somewhere, but I can't place it right now. Both S.T. and Mic Strange rip it and the chorus keeps getting stuck in my head. This is good, but Crown is the highlight of the mixtape so far.

4) S.H.E. (featuring Mic Strange and Jackie Chain) - The beat on here is crazy. These samples are so familiar and yet I can't remember where they are from. All three MCs sound great. I havent heard a Jackie Chain verse in quite a while, so it's nice to hear him on here.

5) Smokin Mirrors (featuring Crystalia and Joi Tiffany) - By far my favorite track on the mixtape. The beat is BANGING. This is exactly the type of instrumental that I prefer S.T. to rap over. Atmospheric, ethereal, banging. S.T does his thing and the guests on the chorus definitely add to the track. I really wish this had made the full album.

I'm going to rate this mixtape a

4 / 5

with the only track I'm not really feeling being "The G".

The full album "The G... The Growth and Development" drops March 5th and can be ordered through Amazon. The snippets are up and the album is sounding amazing.


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