The Doppelgangaz - Hark (Review)

The Doppelgangaz - HARK (cover)

The Doppelgangaz are a duo hailing from New York consisting of members EP and Matter Ov Fact.  They released an extremely dope album, 2012: The New Beginning, back in 2009. This was really the last time I had a chance to check out any of their material until now. Their newest album, HARK, was just released on March 12, 2013 by Groggy Pack Entertainment. Both members of the group share emcee/production duties on pretty much all of the albums tracks. Click to read the review.

1) Dopple Hobble - The album begins with a dark, atmospheric instrumental that will get your head nodding. I really hoped to hear EP and Matter Ov Fact spit a few lines over the beat, but that never happens. Still, its a good way to start off the album since the bleakness of the instrumental is in tune with the sound on the rest of the album.

2) Skin Yarmulke - This is the third single released from the album and its really dope. The beat consists of some church bells looped with lots of static. This almost sounds like something I would expect to hear on a Gravediggaz album and both emcees sounds great over it. The lyrics are a bit crazy though. The video is nuts as well.

3) Hark Back - I believe this was the first single from the album and had an accompanying video. Another dark beat, but this one is more upbeat. EP and Matter Ov Fact have some great chemistry together on the mic. Dope song.

4) Us 2 Da Man - The beat on here is a nice piano loop and has a much lighter sound than the previous tracks, which have all had a Gravediggaz-type feel to them. The lyrics are quite funny as both emcees talk about their ailments (well, the ailments of characters they play on the album) -
"He got cirrhosis of the liver from the 80 proof
Folliculitis make his neck look like a Baby Ruth (the truth)
He needs a filling for his baby tooth
This IBS be disagreeing with Kuwaiti soup"
5) Taking Them Pills - Dope instrumental track with a vocal sample. Are those cowbells?!

6) Oh Well - This was the second single/video from the album. Another dope beat that starts out with a vocal loop and some soft rain in the background. The bass hits hard on here and both emcees sounds pretty good over it. So far all of the beats have been dope, but the lyrics take some getting used to. They may sound like gibberish sometimes, but they usually have a deeper meaning.

7) Sugar Awn Eht - Another lighter beat than the previous songs. The lyrics are about "the type of shorty that you might fist accidentally." Sounds painful. Anyways, not my favorite track on here.

8) Barbiturates - Dope beat with vocal sample. For some reason this beat reminds me of something that the CunninLynguists would have on their album. I like this.

9) Harken Forward - Another pretty dope instrumental track.

10) On The Rag - I really like the beat on here. The problem with this album so far is that the beats have all been extremely dope, but the emcees seem to not be saying much. They flow nicely and have great chemistry, but the lyrics will definitely go over the head of casual listeners. Still, the song is dope.

11) Smang Life - Another banging beat. This is a story track, which kinda goes against the criticism I just had on the prior track, but lyrically nothing really jumps out at me. It's still a really good song though.

12) Sun Shine - I think the last two tracks on here have been the best. The airy flutes and hard drums on here are crazy and both emcees rip it. Great way to end the album.

I'm going to rate the album a:

4 / 5

since the beats are consistently dope throughout, but the lyrics are lacking a bit. Well maybe lacking is the wrong word, but you have to be in the right mindstate to really appreciate the lyrics. The album is quite short, but I can listen to the entire thing without skipping a track since the songs blend nicely together. If you are a fan of dope, boom-bap type beats and don't care too much about lyrics, then this album is for you.


  1. The lyrics are supposed to be irreverent, and the appeal lies in the unique references, complex rhyme schemes and humor. They aren't saying much on the surface, but they're hella creative from a 3rd person POV, much like DOOM.

    1. The lyrics are definitely creative and quite humorous, especially on Us 2 Da Man. I just feel like they may go over the heads of casual listeners or people listening to them for the first time. Still, the dope beats and raw talent of EP and Matter Ov Fact should at least get them that first listen.