Trinity (A.G., Sadat X and DJ Jab) - 20 In (Review)

Trinity (AG, Sadat X, DJ Jab) - 20 In (cover)

Trinity is a group made up of emcees A.G. (of DITC) and Sadat X (of Brand Nubian) and the owner of Fat Beats (DJ Jab). The album is called 20 In, which is a testament to the long careers of both AG and Sadat X as well as the longevity of Fat Beats. The album was released on March 26th, 2013 through Fat Beats Records.

1) Up To The BX (featuring Eternia) - The album jumps straight into the first song, which is a good thing since I'm not really a fan of intros. The beat, by Silent Someone and DJ Jab, has a jazzy feel to it and its pretty ill. AG kicks off the first verse with Sadat following him and Eternia providing the chorus. The verses have a slight echo to them, which detracts from the song in my opinion. This is an adequate way to start the album, but hopefully it gets better from here.

2) Sunshine (featuring Janelle Collins) - And it does get better. AG and Sadat X trade bars over a funky, energetic instrumental produced by the late J. Dilla. The track is a feel good track and its dope. This is much better than the previous song.

3) Rap Attack - This is a throwback track. The beat, by Kixnare and DJ Jab, incorporates some classic elements reminiscent of Nas' NY State of Mind. Both emcees sound like they are having fun while paying homage to the past. I like this.

4) 20 In - AG and Sadat X trade bars over a dope Kris The Katalyst and DJ Jab instrumental. At first I thought that the combination of AG and Sadat X was a bit odd, but they have great chemistry together. I wonder why its taken them this long to collaborate for more than a track here and there. Anyways, this song is ill. Probably my favorite so far.

5) Influence (featuring Janelle Collins) - This track is ode to fathers. AG spits about his step-father and Sadat does the same, except about his biological dad. Janelle Collins provides a beautiful chorus that complements the heartfelt lyrics and the retrospective instrumental by Kixnare and DJ Jab. Dope song.

6) Family Love (featuring Milano Constantine) - Kixnare and DJ Jab provide a string driven instrumental for AG, Sadat X and guest emcee Milano Constantine to rock over. The song is about how family's sometimes fight, but that its just part of being a family.
"Nephews wanna know the game and the fame
Nieces wanna know the same, do you know Lil Wayne?"
This is ok, but not a standout track for me.

7) My Way (featuring Janelle Collins) - The beat, by Kixnare and DJ Jab, is kind of bland and the verses on here are never really grabbed my attention. Not really feelin this one.

8) Sometimes (featuring Reef the Lost Cause, Eternia, Everlast, Immortal Technique, Slug, Sha Stimuli, Grand Puba, D-Stroy, Roxane Shante, Audible Doctor, Ill Bill and Roc Marciano) - There are a ton of features on here, but each emcee only spits two lines each. Boac and DJ Jab provide a looped vocal sample of "somtimes you" and each emcee finishes the line. The concept is pretty dope, but I don't feel the execution matches the dopeness of the concept.

9) Interview (Interlude) - Skit.

10) Corrupt (featuring Ill Bill and Immortal Technique) - The Audible Doctor drops a decent beat for AG, Sadat X and Immortal Technique to get busy over. The theme of the song is corrupt cops, which is right up Immortal Techniques alley:
"You know when the cops are comin to get ya
Tryin to light you up quicker than Nikola Tesla"
Ill Bill only provides the hook. Nothing mind blowing here, but it's not wack.

11) Then & Now (featuring D-Stroy) - I'm not really feeling the DJ Braco and DJ Jab production on this song. The beat is very minimalistic and just doesn't really do anything for me. D-Stroy just stops by to provide the chorus. Bleh.

12) Bite This 2010 (featuring Roxanne Shante) - This is basically an updated version of Roxanne Shantes Bite This, but now with AG and Sadat X. Its a nice attempt to pay homage, but I've never really been a fan of remakes.

13) Strange (featuring Janelle Collins) - The instrumental by L. Precise and DJ Jab is forgettable, but the chorus by Janelle Collins is dope. There is very little rapping on this song, which is...strange. This album started out pretty strong but has definitely lost steam on the second half.

14) NY Bridges - DJ Jab provides a funky, old school beat on here that contains traces of MC Shans The Bridge. You can guess the topic of the song by the songs title. Nothing exceptional here, but its not terrible.

15) Victory - Cire Reds and DJ Jab drop a jazzy, upbeat instrumental for AG and Sadat X to destroy. This is actually pretty dope.

16) Outro - Skit

17) The Bronx (Bonus) - This track has some hard drums and actually sounds pretty good. I think this was the first single off the album so why is it just a bonus track? Regardless, I'm diggin this song but I find the chorus to be a bit annoying.

I'm going to rate the album a

3 / 5

since there is a bit of filler on the album. Some of the beats are really dope (20 In, Influence, Sunshine), but some are just generic boom-bap beats and are quite unexceptional. This far into their careers, you know how AG and Sadat X are going to sound and nothing has changed there. Both emcees have great flows and rhyme schemes and the chemistry between them is great. You should check this out if you are a fan of AG or Sadat X, but I think this album will be overlooked by most people, which is unfortunate since its pretty dope.


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