Big K.R.I.T. - King Remembered In Time (Review)

Big KRIT - King Remembered In Time (cover)

King Remembered In Time is Big KRIT's most recent mixtape, following 2012's 4eva N a Day. The title itself is derived from the acronym that appears in KRIT's stage name - King Remembered In Time. The mixtape was released on April 10, 2013 and features appearances from Bun B, Wiz Khalifa, Smoke DZA and Future, among others. All production on the album is handled by KRIT himself, except for the track Life is a Gamble, which is produced by 9th Wonder.

1) Purpose - The album begins with baby crying over a dope electric guitar as KRIT spits about his purpose in life:
"I was born in 86, despite the wolves and rats
Survived the wild and returned with these bear furs on my back
To feed the family, drink the wine
Give thanks to God and watch for signs
The winter's cold, but we was chose to rise above the darkened skies
And fight against what lies beneath"
This song is pretty short, clocking in at just over a minute and a half with only one verse, but its very ill and functions as a great introduction to the album.

2) Shine On (featuring Bun B) - The beat on this track is a DOPE vocal sample blended with multiple layers of guitars and other instruments to create a very rich sound. This instrumental is too damn smooth. KRIT speaks about getting his shine on in both verses:
"Come on in, don't be ashamed
Go and steal some game from my sermon
Cuz elevation to celebration, I preach that there
And that bullshit that they serving yall, I don't eat that there
Keep that plate, I got my own
Don't test my patience, bitch I'm grown"
Bun B sounds pretty good on here as well, but I can't help but feel he could have come a bit harder. I can only imagine what Pimp C would have done to this beat. Regardless, this is really dope and is one of my favorite songs on the first half of this mixtape.

3) Talkin Bout Nothing - This instrumental on this song pales in comparison to the previous track and actually comes off as a bit bare-bones and repetitive. KRIT gets kinda simple lyrically as well, spitting more along the lines of What U Mean than The Vent. There's nothing wrong with that, but I prefer when KRIT is spitting something more substantial. Not bad, but there are much better songs on this mixtape.

4) King Without A Crown - Like this one. The drums are knockin and the vocal sample is crazy. It sounds somewhat reminiscent of the 4evaNaDay (Theme) off of his mixtape of the same name. KRIT is spitting fire on here as well.
"Got a old school
Let me swerve that, in my own lane
I make my own beats, I write my own rhymes
I quip my own grind, I grip my own grain"
Big KRIT will never let you forget that he makes his own beats. Very dope.

5) REM - This song is very introspective and KRIT speaks on life post Live From The Underground and about how some people felt it didn't quite live up to the expectations he set with his mixtapes:
"In a room full of tight stares
Was LFU a dream or a nightmare?
How dare I rap about my real life
Good Lord I gave my all but this don't feel right"

This is really dope and the symbolism in the video helps make the song even better in my opinion. This is probably one of my favorite songs on here. Oh, and that James Blake sample is ill.

6) Meditate - The instrumental on this song is nuts and reminds me of something I would expect to hear on an Outkast album (specifically Aquemini). The track has no drums and is full of distorted guitars and other atmospheric instruments. KRIT is spitting fire on here and is using meditation as a metaphor for alcoholism. Another banging track.

7) Serve This Royalty- Big KRIT samples Cody Chestnutt's Serve This Royalty and the end result is dope. The beat is mellow and jazzy and suits the lyrics perfectly. KRIT is rapping about how he is a king looking for his queen. Dope song.

8) Good 2getha (featuring Ashton Jones) - The energy is back after a string of mellow tracks. This is one of the feel-good tracks on the album and its nice. Ashton Jones and KRIT have some good chemistry on the chorus. I don't feel like this song is anything spectacular in the broader scope of the album, but it's still a good track.

9) Just Last Week (featuring Future) - This track is only a snippet, so I assume Big KRIT wants to use this on his next Def Jam release. I'm really feeling the beat on here, which has some deep bass and hypnotic synths. KRIT isn't saying much on here, just flossing a bit, and Future doesn't really bring much to the chorus. Still, this is really dope and I look forward to hearing the rest of this song.

10) My Trunk (featuring Trinidad James) - The song is another one of KRIT's odes to his car, similar to Me And My Old School and Rotation, except it's a bit darker than those songs. The instrumental has a ill electric guitar running through it and some heavy, distorted bass. This beat is knocking. Surprisingly Trinidad James doesn't ruin the song. Very dope. This is one of my favorite songs on here.

11) How u Luv That (featuring Big Sant) - Another very energetic song. KRIT is flossing again on here. His rapid-fire delivery is on point, but he isn't saying too much. Big Sant is also spitting fire on here and may have spit even harder than KRIT. Keeping in line with the last few cuts, this is another really dope song.

12) Only One (featuring Wiz Khalifa and Smoke DZA) - Big KRIT and Wiz Khalifa come correct over a trippy, psychedelic beat that will have the smokers going nuts. Smoke DZA almost ruins the song with his uninspired verse though. This song would have been much better if DZA was swapped out for Currency, but its still dope. Just turn it off after Wiz and you are good.

13) Banana Clip Theory - KRIT speaks about guns and gun violence over a subdued, horn driven instrumental. The message is dope and the beat is hypnotizing, but its simplicity keeps your mind focused on the lyrics. Nice song.

14) Life Is A Gamble (featuring BJ The Chicago Kid) - This is the only track on the album not produced by Big KRIT himself. Instead, 9th Wonder provides a soulful vocal sample with some dusty, but soft, drums for KRIT to spit over. The lyrics are full of gambling imagery as KRIT speaks on losing friends to violence:
"My god I couldn't cry cause your mama couldn't stop crying
And that's hard, lord I wish my folks would stopped dying
But who am I to say it wasn't your time to black out?
You betted all on a spot, I guess you crapped out"
BJ The Chicago Kid provides the chorus. Very dope.

15) WTF - This song is very different from the other songs on the album. The first half of the song is cinematic and full of strings, but lacking drums, and KRIT spits about poverty and dealing drugs. After this extended first verse, the drums kick in for a frantic chorus with KRIT repeating "WTF we gonna do now? WTF we gonna do? WTF we gonna do?" for the entirety of it. The second half of the song is also drum-less, but this time over a saxophone instrumental as KRIT speaks on a woman who cheated on her man with him. Nice storytelling track.

16) Bigger Picture - KRIT spits bars laden with art imagery over a laid-back, guitar lick.
"It's not my best, I agree, but I did what I could
With these sticks and these stones to get us out of the woods
I find my rhythm and my stroke, then you fall in love with my art like you did before
On that note I let go and tend to my canvas to paint a mural of us
I hope that you understand the bigger picture"
The beat is chill and KRIT is spitting from his heart. Very dope.

17) Multi Til The Sun Die - The album ends with another relaxed but atmospheric instrumental that includes a nice vocal sample and some strings. Once again KRIT is spitting some heartfelt, introspective verses thanking his family and fans for being there for him as he closes out this mixtape:
"My Grandma died knowing that I tried for it
Many nights alone, yeah I cry for it
Seventeen, hit the road made a drive for it
Pedal CD's out the trunk, break my pride for it
Apply for a job just to get denied for it
So many tries to sign but I decide for it
On the stage of life Titans still collide for it
Last song, breath gone, stage dive for it
Say goodbye, close my eyes for it"
The song ends with some spoken poetry over a crazy violin. These are the kind of songs that Big KRIT does best. Great way to close out the mixtape.

I'm going to rate this a

4.5 / 5

because this mixtape is banging the whole way through. There are a few minor missteps here and there, but there are no songs that are unlistenable and the issues I have are all nit-picky. While some people may have been disappointed with Live From The Underground, you have to admit that KRIT's mixtape game is impeccable. When he is allowed to make the music he wants with no sample clearances to worry about the outcome is phenomenal. I highly recommend giving this mixtape a listen, especially if you are a fan of Big KRITs previous work. You can download the album at

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