Currensy and Harry Fraud - Cigarette Boats (Review)

Cigarette Boats is a collaborative EP between emcee Currensy and producer Harry Fraud, who handles all of the beats on the album. The album features appearances from Styles P and Smoke DZA and was released as a free download on July 10, 2012.

1) Leaving The Dock - The first song on the EP has a real smooth, breezy instrumental that has layers of synths set over a nice drum loop. Currensy does what he does best and spits smoked out braggadocio rhymes while floating over the beat. While there is nothing real impressive on here lyrically, his delivery and confidence on the mic make it sound dope. This song is really good and is a perfect setup for the rest of the album.

2) WOH (Featuring Styles P) - I'm really feelin the drums on this song and the spacey vocal sample is ill. Harry Fraud is killin it with the beats so far. Currensy teams up with SP The Ghost and they spit about their usual topics - cars, weed, money and women.
"Same old stoner, yeah I'm blowing loud
You can grow weed, but I can exhale and grow a cloud
You ain't real high, you mid-level
Smoking on that shit we let the kids peddle"
Once again, the lyrics are nothing special, but the way the whole song comes together is really dope. Another banger.

3) Biscayne Bay - These beats keep getting better and better. The album has a strong "summertime driving through Miami with the top down" feel and reminds me of GTA: Vice City for that very reason. The beat is a beautiful vocal sample with more breezy synths and hard drums. Currensy's smoked-out lyrics ride the beat perfectly:
"You only gonna get out it, whatever you put into it
So I go extra to make sure my shit come with the leather
The sunroof, the carbon fiber, Alcantara, whatever
Navigation, Bluetooth, all kind of shit I never use"
You can tell he was having a great time making this album. The only bad thing about this song is that it's very short, clocking in at just over 2 minutes long.

4) Mirrors (featuring Smoke DZA) - This song is much more mellow and laid back than the previous songs. The instrumental is dreamy and ethereal with some chimes, synths and subdued drums. Currensy does his thing:
"It's roll up time, Windex the windows in my mind
And let the ones who understand see what's going on inside
Only share with those, worth they weight in gold
Gotta be in the know to really know though"
Even Smoke DZA, who normally gets overshadowed when he is featured on songs like these, comes correct since the beat is right in his lane. Dope song.

5) Sixty-Seven Turbo Jet - The beat on this song is even more laid back than the previous song and Currensy sounds extra sleepy on here. Despite the lack of energy, the vocal sample and general vibe to the song is really nice. Currensy spits about hiding his "money in the floor case they kick in the door":
"Fruits of my labor
The grind major, player, investigators agitated
But this is legal paper that we making
Sure is dope being sold and yeah we the ones selling
Audio keys, the price go down if you cop heavy
Them other fools rushin, they cook up they shit not ready
We waitin 'til its perfect
Mix it down and then we serve it
The ones who sleepin on it don't deserve it"
Another really dope song. The relaxed sounds on here are a great way to close out the EP.

I'm going to rate the EP a

4.25 / 5

since this is pretty much exactly the kind of album I want to hear from Spitta. His flow and lyrics perfectly complement the lush instrumentals created by Harry Fraud. These guys have great chemistry together and were really in a zone when making this album. The only bad thing about the EP is that it is quite short and will leave you wanting a full album. Also, Currensy isn't saying much on here besides his usual weed and money rhymes. Still, the EP is really, really dope and its free, so you cant go wrong with it. Download it at or


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