Styles P - Float (Review)

Styles P - Float (cover)

Float is the sixth solo album released by Styles P (of The Lox), coming hot on the heels of his last solo en-devour The World's Most Hardest MC Project, which was just released in late 2012. The album was released on April 16, 2013 and is entirely produced by Scram Jones (who also kicks a verse on the last track). Features on the album include Noreaga, Raekwon, Sheek, Jadakiss and Bullpen.

1) Float (Intro) - The album kicks off with a hard-ass instrumental that samples some cinematic strings and banging drums. Styles is spitting on here. Too bad this is so short, clocking in at just over a minute and a half, because its really dope. I'm really digging the scratching at the end of the song as well. Great way to start the album.

2) Manson Murder (featuring Nore) - The beat on this song is minimalistic, but its dope. Both emcees come correct, especially Nore who spits a few humorous bars. This is good, but it's not as good as the first track.

3) Bodies in the Basement - Scram Jones provides a dark, menacing instrumental for S.P. The Ghost to destroy. Styles always sounds good over beats like these and this is no exception:
"This is beast music, provided by Scram and I
Light it up, nigga, get phantom high
Try to keep up with the Jones, keep up with the beats and keep up with the poems
Spittin out the dome while I'm lighting up the zone
See that, or see me lighting up the chrome"
This is dope as hell and is the best track on here so far.

4) Hater Love (featuring Sheek Louch) - Another hard beat, this time with some thundering drums and unrelenting horns. Sheek and Styles let the haters know whats up.
"You don't think I've seen a million dollars? I did though
Christopher Wallace money, every night is a big show"

Another banger. So far this album has exceeded my expectations.

5) Take It Back - Scram Jones tries to go for an old school vibe with the beat, but I'm not really feeling it. Styles sounds ok and incorporates some "Golden Era" artists and such into his verses. Eh, this song is just filler for me.

6) Haze vs Sour - Skit.

7) I Need Weed - The beat on this song consists of psychedelic, spaced-out synths with drums that are a bit softer than most of the other tracks on the album. The scratches at the beginning of the song are dope, but the chorus is a bit annoying. Styles has had better weed tracks in the past, especially "Good Times". Not terrible, but it's not my favorite.

8) Red Eye (featuring Jadakiss) - Another spacey beat, but the drums are much harder than on the previous song. Styles does his thing, but Jadakiss took the song in my opinion:
"I'm on fire, you just smokin
Playing tennis with my connect, U.S. Open
Block's my office, no days off it
The loudest person’s usually the softest
Coke is gorgeous, ice is flawless
It’s repercussions that come with all this
Gun off safety 'til they come and replace me
You know what they say, death comes in Tracys"
I like this track. It's not the best on here, but it's dope.

9) Reckless (featuring Raekwon) - Scram Jones has been working with Raekwon a lot lately and the end result is usually pretty dope. This song is no exception. The beat is energetic and has some ill scratching during the chorus. Both emcees come correct, but Raekwon sounds a tad behind the beat to me. Still, I'm feelin this song. Nice.

10) Shoot You Down - This song has a dope vocal sample that got my head nodding. The beat is smooth and Styles is spittin on here:
"Mask like Bane, Dark Knight like Wayne
Gangstas with mic skills is missing from the game
Stand up G, I strive for my son
But the cold ass streets force me to cradle with my guns"
This is banging and you know Styles always comes correct with the gun talk.

11) Open Up (featuring Bullpen) - The beat on here is darker than the previous song and has a strong bass line with some faint synths in the background. I'm not familiar with Bullpen, but they sound like a group of two or more emcees trading off lines for the first verse on this song. Does anyone know anything about them? They sound pretty good, but the song gets even better once Styles starts spitting. Nice.

12) Screw Yall (featuring Scram Jones) - The final song on the album starts off with a clip from the movie Baby Boy, which then blends into a banging beat. The instrumental is an epic vocal sample that slowly builds up during the first verse and sounds really dope. Both Styles and Scram Jones rip it. Great way to end the album.

I'm going to rate the album a

4 / 5

because most of the songs on here are banging. There are a few filler tracks towards the middle of the album, but even those are not terrible. The album is really short, however, clocking in at under 40 minutes total. Still, most of the material here is really good. If you are a fan of Styles P, you are going to love this album since Scram Jones hooked him up on the beats. If you are not a fan, you should still check it out, but I don't think this album will change your mind about him since nothing on here is outside of his usual material.


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