Wiz Khalifa and Currensy - Live in Concert (Review)

Wiz Khalifa and Currensy - Live in Concert (Review)

Wiz Khalifa and Currensy team up again to release a new EP, "Live In Concert", which follows their last collaborative mixtape "How Fly". The EP was released on 4/20/2013 and has no guest features.

All of the beats on this album are pretty much straight from the 1975 jazz album "Fancy Dancer" by Bobbi Humphrey.

1) Cabana - The instrumental on the first song is light and breezy with some horns, congas and keyboards. Wiz Khalifa comes in first and spits a typical Wiz verse - bragging about his millions, his weed habit, Taylor Gang, etc. This isn't a knock against Wiz though, this is exactly what I want to hear from him over a beat like this. The song doesn't really have a chorus, just Wiz Khalifa speaking a bit between verses. Currency comes next and is really spitting on here. It seems like he has more energy on here than he has lately and he rips it. Great first song.

2) Landing - This song has another dreamy, light-hearted instrumental, except this one is maybe a tad more uptempo than the prior song. Both emcees do their thing. There is nothing really special about the lyrics, it's just a feel good song, which these guys do brilliantly. The song ends with a ill flute outro. Another dope song.

3) The Blend - This track begins with a short piano intro that then blends into a nice vocal sample with some piano keys and what sounds like xylophones in the background. There have been no hype tracks on the album so far, which is quite different from the usual rap album, but its what they were going for on here and it suits the lyrics perfectly. It's nice to hear some smooth, laid-back hip-hop once in a while. Spitta comes first with Wiz following him. Again, there is no chorus and the song plays out with a long instrumental outro with jazz flutes. Very ill.

4) Toast - The beat on here is very laid-back, but it's entrancing. It's got some dope drums, guitars, pianos, horns and even a subdued harp. Currensy and Wiz simply float over the beat. The chorus is a male vocalist singing "Mestizo Eyes", which is the title of the song that this instrumental comes from. Nice.

5) Revenge and Cake - As you should expect by now, the beat is jazzy with a flute, some piano keys and a male vocal loop. After an extended instrumental intro, both emcees come correct with their usual subject matter of weed, women, money and cars. Dope shit.

6) For Her - Unlike the other songs on this EP, the beat on this song has very little in the way of drums. The instrumental is full of keyboards, chimes and pianos, but it only has a few conga drums during the chorus. Also unlike the previous songs, there is a woman vocalist during the chorus. It's dope though, and a great way to end the EP.

I'm going to rate the album a

4 / 5

because its pretty dope all the way through. This album is basically Wiz and Spitta doing what they do best over the beats from a 1975 jazz album. It's a perfect album for the smokers as well as those who just want some chill, laid-back hip-hop. If you are a fan of Wiz and Currensy, there is absolutely no reason not to buy this album, especially since it's only $5.


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