7 G.E.M.S. (Tragic Allies and Tragedy Khadafi) - Golden Era Music Sciences (Review)

7 G.E.M.S. - Golden Era Music Sciences (Cover)

"Golden Era Music Sciences" is a collaboration album between the Tragic Allies (consisting of emcees/producers Purpose, Estee Nack and Code Nine) and Queensbridge legend Tragedy Khadafi. Combined, the group is called "7 G.E.M.S", which is an acronym for the albums title. The LP features guest appearances from Roc Marciano, Killah Priest, Relentless and Shabaam Sahdeeq and is fully produced by Purpose.

1) Intro (King Asiatic Allah) - Skit

2) Without You - The first song on the album is also the first single released in promotion of the LP. The beat is a really dope piano loop with an ill vocal sample that gives the song it's name. Tragedy and Estee Nack come correct, but Purpose rips the beat:
"Magnificent minds who militant
Men mastering mics and musically murder melodies, Heavenly sacrificed
The brain controlling the hands, hands flow when I type
So I dance slow in the rain, but I'm Van Gogh when I write"

This song is BANGING. Great way to start the album.

3) Dem Get Murda - This was the second song that leaked from the album and it's absolute fire. The beat is energetic and dark with some hard drums and haunting strings. Everyone spits well on here, but Estee Nack kills it. Really, really dope song.

4) No Good - This song has an ill vocal sample on loop as each emcee spits socially conscious lyrics about how the life they are living is no good and how "The Man" is trying to hold them down. This is pretty dope, but not as good as the first two songs. I do like the way they incorporate the "no good" vocal sample into the chorus though.

5) I Know I'm Reckless - Another sick vocal sample, this time with some soft drums and violins. Code Nine and Purpose spit verses to their women about how they are living reckless but that they are still faithful. Good song.

6) Presume the Unpredictable (featuring Roc Marciano) - This song has a slower instrumental that sounds perfectly suited for Roc Marciano, who rips it by the way, but Estee Nack and Code Nine come correct as well. The chorus is a slowed down Nas sample from Raekwon's classic song "Verbal Intercourse." This song is mellow, but its still crazy.

7) Gems - The beat on this song is much more energetic than the previous track. Its got a dope little piano loop, a muted vocal sample and some dusty drums. Purpose, Estee Nack and Code Nine each spit some gems on it, but I think Estee came the hardest. Nice song.

8) Men of Honor (featuring Relentless) - This song has a dope violin sample and Tragedy, Purpose, Estee Nack and guest emcee Relentless all destroy it. Tragedy comes first:
"Ayo Queensbridge, you know the tales
Rosé and Holy Grails
Ark of the Covenant prophesied that I prevail
Snakes is cold-blooded, silenced as my shots muffled
Enemies flee the scene, shot in they calf muscle"
This song is really good. Another banger.

9) Time To Ponder - Purpose is killin it with these instrumentals lately, with this album and with his work on Killah Priests "The Psychic World of Walter Reed." This song is no exception. The beat is ill and all the emcees bring it, with them taking turns spitting some introspective lyrics. Very nice.

10) The Anointed - The piano loop on here is crazy. It sounds like Purpose sampled some laid-back background music you may hear in a fancy restaurant and turned it into a boom-bap banger. Tragedy sets it off lovely:
"Ayo, I fast in a cave like Easter for forty days
Cazal frames, scientists analyze my brain waves and get amazed
Bystanders hit with some strays
Lithium water combined with mics for gamma rays
Yeah I mutate on tracks in strange form, liason
Neurologists ask damn what is his brain on"
The chemistry between Tragic Allies and Tragedy is really good, hopefully they work together more in the future. Another very dope song.

11) Vantage Point - The instrumental on this song has some soft piano keys and hard drums that will get your head nodding. This is a story track that features Estee Nack, Code Nine and Purpose rhyming about a shootout at a show. Nice.

12) Beatbox Interlude (featuring Choppa That Beatboxa) - Just a skit, but its worth a listen since its a dope beatbox session.

13) Wild Militants - The beat on this song is raw and sounds like it was recorded in a jungle somewhere. Everyone on the track spits fire and the scratching at the end of the song is ill. This is really dope.

14) Foul Thesis (featuring Shabaam Sahdeeq) - I'm really feelin the beat on this song, the piano keys are just beautiful. Purpose is a pretty amazing producer. Tragedy sounds right at home over instrumentals like this and Estee Nack rips it:
"We construct a monument in my name
Powder, cane, caught up in the game
Live the lifestyle, capital gain
Shit isn't the same yo, we livin quite foul
In fact I got a gem in my mouth as I'm spitting this verse right now"
Another banger.

15) Verge of Defeat (featuring Killah Priest) - Well, I was hoping to hear Tragedy and Killah Priest on a song together again, but this track only features Purpose and Priest (not that that's a bad thing). The last time I remember Priest and Tragedy linking up was for the Black Market Militia album back in 2005. Oh well, maybe next time. Even without Tragedy, the beat is banging and everyone brings it. Nice.

16) Aura Snatchers (Remix) - The album ends with a remix that is quite dope. I've never heard the original, but the beat on here is really nice. Its a bit more mellow than most of the other songs, but that helps you focus on the potent lyrics about the struggles of life and how most of the things rappers rhyme about is fake. Dope song.

I'm going to rate the album a

4 / 5

because its really dope the whole way through. The production by Purpose is just phenomenal throughout the entire album, with only a minor misstep here or there. There are a few songs on the LP that are not as strong as the others, but there is nothing on here that could be called terrible. Tragedy Khadafi sounds especially dope on this album and I really hope that him and the Tragic Allies collaborate more in the future as their chemistry is really good. I definitely recommend for any hip-hop fan to check out this album since its banging. You won't be disappointed.


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