Hannibal Stax and Marco Polo - Seize the Day (Review)

Hannibal Stax and Marco Polo - Seize the Day (cover)

"Seize The Day" is a collaboration album between Gang Starr Foundation member and emcee Hannibal Stax and Brooklyn beat maker Marco Polo. The album is entirely produced by Marco Polo and features Torae. It was released on May 7, 2013 via Soulspazm Records.

1) Sieze the Day (Intro) - Skit

2) Head Nod - The first song on the album has a slower, boom-bap instrumental with some dope scratching on the chorus. Hannibal Stax sounds good and spits some braggadocio rhymes about his longevity in the rap game and such. He isn't saying anything mind blowing, but his voice and flow mesh well with the dark instrumental. This is pretty nice.

3) B.K.L.Y.N. - This song bangs. The beat is energetic and dark and is sure to have you nodding your head. Hannibal Stax comes correct, this time spitting some street stories about his borough. This song reminds me of a Chief Kamachi song for some reason (not the lyrical content, but the beat and Hannibal's flow/voice). I really like this song.

4) Seize the Day - Another dope beat - Marco Polo is killin it so far. The scratching on the chorus is really nice as well. Hannibal Stax does his thing and spits about how tomorrow isn't promised combined with plenty of braggadocio rhymes. Dope.

5) Real Good - The instrumental on this track is dark and the drums hit hard, but there is a spacey element to it due to the chimes and strings added into the beat. This is a track about bettering yourself by eating right, keeping stress out your life, etc. Very dope song with a nice message.

6) Warriorz Drum (featuring Torae) - This song is really ill. This beat is epic and aggressive and should get your blood pumpin a bit. Hannibal comes correct, but Torae really delivers with the guest feature:
"Getting back to the topic, the warrior’s drum
Soon as Marco hit that, you hear them warriors come
And if you wasn’t worried, you dumb
The word in the slum, is that he hail from Connie Island, where the warriors from
Nigga I ride the victorious one, in any battle
And brand them with that IA logo like they was cattle"
This song bangs.

7) H!!! - Hannibal Stax "reintroduces" himself over another Marco Polo banger. It's kind of strange that this song comes in the middle of the album since I would expect Hannibal to want to introduce himself near the beginning. Either way, the beat is dope and Hannibal comes correct.

8) Gunz and Butter - The beat on this track is dark and eerie, something I might expect the Gravediggaz or Flatlinerz to rock over if they were still releasing music today. Hannibal does his thing, but doesn't say anything he hasn't already said on this album. This is pretty dope, but not my favorite on here.

9) P.O.A. - I really like the instrumental on this song. The drums are hard and the backing sample is dope. Hannibal spits about how music is powerful with his usual braggadocio and street-influenced rhymes. The Prodigy and Guru samples scratched up on the chorus and at the end are really nice. I really like this song.

10) Yeah Baby - These beats are crazy - this one has Marco Polo's signature hard drums with an ill piano and vocal sample. Hannibal Stax changes up the street orientated rhymes for a track about a woman. Dope.

11) Keep Grindin - Hannibal Stax spits about griding in the streets over yet another dark Marco Polo instrumental. If anything, the album is consistent. Still, this is nice.

12) iLL Recoginze iLL - I'm really feelin the instrumental on here. There are so many elements to it, but the main part is a nice piano loop and some strings. Once again, Hannibal spits his signature street rhymes. Very dope.

13) Righteous Kill - This song has a beat that is more energetic than the previous few, but it's just as dark (and dope) as the others. Hannibal Stax comes correct, but his bars are definitely starting to blend together after so many street anthems.

14) Dreamer - This song uses the same (or a very similar) sample as "Caught Up" off of the Apollo Brown/OC collaboration album "Trophies", but Marco Polo flips it a bit differently and adds his own sound to it. Hannibal Stax gets a bit introspective on here. Dope.

15) 46 Bars of Death - The album ends with another banger, which also happens to be the lead single from the LP. This song is very dope, but it's still not one of my favorites on here. That being said, this song still bangs.

I'm going to rate the album a

3.5 / 5

because the album is pretty good the whole way through. Marco Polo provides some absolutely BANGING instrumentals on here that any boom-bap enthusiast should love. Hannibal's rhymes are consistently good, but the overabundance of street bars tends to make the songs blend together a bit. Occasionally he breaks it up with a different topic, but its few and far between. Still, this album is really dope and should not be overlooked.


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