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Klassik - Late2TheParty (Single)

Milwaukee emcee/producer Klassik just dropped a new single from his upcoming "Time Of Our Live LP, which will be dropping in early 2014.
"Often in the days of young, innocent, and brave hearts, love is desired most from the fickle and unattainable muse. The beautiful woman with too much attention and not a care in the world. “Late2TheParty”, Milwaukee artist Klassik’s latest piece, is a beautiful, poetic plea set within such a scenario. The succinct, yet masterfully arranged record, details the chase of the young, brave-hearted Klassik, going after his unattainable beauty. At first witty and adoring in its delivery, the cries of the big-hearted lover turn to a very frank and introspective acceptance of just how unrealistic his chase has become. His name isn’t on the guest list of her heart, but if he can just get there in time to say the perfect thing and win her over, his chase, though unrealistic, is never impossible."
The song is dope. Check it out below.

Twitter: @IAmKlassik


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