Marchitect and Dr. Drumah - World Wide Vibe (Album)

Marchitect (from the 49ers) and Brazilian producer Dr. Drumah just released their collaboration album, "World Wide Vibe", through Yaheard Records.
"Dr. Drumah's jazzy production with crisp snares and kicks, compliments Marchitect's smooth baritone flow. The 6 song Ep, is available through Yaheard Records, as fans can name their own price."
The first single from the album was for the track "Pump Up The Volume", which you can listen to here. The latest video is for "World Wide Vibe", which you can view below.

The album is very dope! The instrumentals are smooth and Marchitect brings it. Definitely check it out.

Twitter- @Marchitect

Website- The 49ers


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