Nevelle Viracocha - Day Ellen Awe (Single)

Nevelle Viracocha is a 21 year old rap artist based out of Atlanta, Georgia who has dropped two absolutely fire singles in the past few months.
"Artist, producer, and writer Nevelle Viracocha is on his way to becoming a real problem for the industry. Equipped with a uniquely southern accent and impressively clever wordplay Nevelle seems to shed a shiny new light on what the future of hip hop holds. Still a fresh 21, he displays a level of raw lyricism that is harder to find in the young artists of today’s industry. As a result of moving rapidly during his youth, Nevelle boasts a rather polished style having being influenced by very different genres and artists worldwide. “Day Ellen Awe" Is the first release from Sir Viraco’s most recent work of audio art but you can look forward to the release of his highly anticipated debut EP titled “Empire + Dream + Forever” which is set to drop Summer '13."
The instrumental, by Michael Silent, is ethereal and perfectly complements Nevelle's dope lyrics and crazy flow. Check out "Day Ellen Awe" below.


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