Paper Plates - Degenerate Art EP (prod. by Juna Cosmos)

Degenerate Art is the debut EP from up-and-coming UK rapper Paper Plates. The EP is produced entirely by his friend and collaborator Juna Cosmos.
"The concept comes from the persecution of modern artists under the Nazi regime," explains Juna. "Throughout the EP we've aimed to take this idea and comment on the current state of music/art with a post-modern approach to song-writing and overall composition. For example Kim Kardashian is referenced alongside the works of Dante, drawing on a wide and disparate range of influences to create something original and different. The project itself is, so to speak, a work of modern art."
The beats are psychedelic and dark, which perfectly complements the dope flow and lyrical prowess of Paper Plates. This EP is incredibly ill. Check out the video for Gutter Mouth and then listen to the full EP below. Also make sure to follow Paper Plates and Juna Cosmos on Twitter for the latest updates. Don't sleep on this!


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