Reks - Rhythmatic Eternal King Supreme (Review)

Reks - Rhythmatic Eternal King Supreme

"Rhythmatic Eternal King Supreme" is the fourth studio album by Lawrence, MA native Reks. The album features guest appearances from Styles P, Freeway, Termanology and Lil' Fame and features production from Statik Selektah, DJ Premier, Pete Rock, The Alchemist, among others. "Rhythmatic Eternal King Supreme" was released on March 8, 2011 via ShowOff Records.

1) 25th Hour - Now THIS is how every album should start. No pointless skits, no intros, just straight into a DJ Premier banger. The beat is dope as hell and Reks absolutely destroys it (especially that second verse). He lets you know whats up right from the start:
"I'mma write this here rhyme like Guru's in the passenger
Standin on the East coast, starin out to Africa"

This is absolute fire and is one of my favorite songs of the past few years. Very, very dope. 

2) Thin Line - I'm sure Reks knew it was going to be tough following up the dopeness of "25th Hour" with another banger, so he enlisted the legendary Pete Rock to take a shot at it. The beat is not The Chocolate Boy Wonder's best ever, but its still really dope and Reks rips it. So far the album has a really nice modernized boom-bap feel to it. I hope it keeps up the momentum.

3) Limelight - Nottz provides an ill piano loop with some dusty drums for Reks to mock the industry over. The song is pretty funny since he name drops a ton of other artists and does so using a whimsical flow. The chorus is somewhat annoying, but the song is still dope.

4) Kill Em - While the previous song had Reks speaking on the more commercial side of the industry, this song takes the complete opposite approach. He spits his verses from the point of view of a major label exec and talks about killing a bunch of other underground rappers. Sean C and LV provide a dope beat and Reks rips it:
"Off with these rappers heads
Termanology dead. Skyzoo dead.
Slaughterhouse talkin' bout how my eyes see red
Why live? Let them die, I kill'em willing
Try feeling sympathetic for Blu
Like poor Blu, pour you, cup of acid
Drink splashes, think as if killing rappers is so fantastic"
This is hilarious. Another dope track.

5) This or That - Statik Selektah provides an ill vocal sample instrumental for Reks to "rap circles round these rap cats." Reks has been spitting fire on this entire album so far and this song is no exception. The beat bangs and Reks shreds it...nothing else to say really.

6) Why Cry (featuring Styles P) - I was expecting a bit more from this Alchemist track since I find it somewhat underwhelming. The instrumental is good and Reks and Styles P come correct, but the song just isn't standout for me. I think its due to the repetitiveness of the beat and the bland chorus. Oh well.

7) Face Off (featuring Termanology) - I'm not really feeling this Sha Money XL instrumental since it seems like it would be better suited for a member of G-Unit than Reks. Both Reks and Termanology rip it though, especially the latter. Eh, this is just ok.

8) The Wonder Years - Hi-Tek provides this somewhat minimalistic instrumental that finds Reks spitting about his past and wondering when the struggle would end. I'm not really feelin this one either, which is a shame because I was really excited for Reks and Hi-Tek to team up.

9) This is Me (featuring DJ Corbert) - This song has a nice, laid-back piano instrumental, courtesy of Mike Frey, which provides a good platform for Reks to spit some heartfelt, introspective lyrics over:
"I done gave out my each and every, did what was necessary
Cried when my heart was heavy, died when my pops was buried
Water on my cold face, beat a case, God helped
Illegal ducking cops there, froze in a cold cell
Slumbered on that park bench, rose when I found Hell
Watch the Lupus in the bones, hope to see moms well"

10) Mr. Nobody - Another introspective track, this time about Reks' life growing up in poverty and dealing with parents addicted to drugs:
"I had a Lite-Brite
It used to light up my life
Until the bills weren’t paid and day became night"
Statik Selektah provides a somber instrumental that perfectly complements the lyrics. Very dope.

11) The Underdog - The instrumental on this song, courtesy of Blaze P, is a bit more upbeat than the previous few songs, but its not quite as good. Per the title of the song, Reks claims to be the "greatest rapper no one's ever heard about." This is still dope, despite the mediocre beat.

12) U Know (featuring Freeway) - Reks and Hi-Tek team up again after the lackluster "The Wonder Years" and provide a banger. The beat sounds like classic Hi-Tek and both Reks and Freeway rip it. Much better.

13) Cigarettes (featuring Lil' Fame and Atticabars) - Fizzy Womack is featured as both producer and emcee on this laid-back ode to cigarettes. Usually M.O.P. equals energy, but not this time. The beat is mellow and both emcees rip it, while Atticabars provides a dope chorus to tie everything together.

This is one of my favorite songs on the album.

14) Mascara (The Ugly Truth) - Reks goes the socially conscious route and Statik Selektah provides an upbeat, boom-bap piano instrumental. Can't go wrong with this one, plus the song has a good message. Very nice.

15) Like A Star - Statik Selektah comes through with another dope piano instrumental. The beat is banging and Reks rips it. I'm really feelin the chopped up Nas sample on the chorus as well. Very dope.

16) Self Titled (Bonus Track) - Once again Statik Selektah hooks Reks up with a dope, boom-bap instrumental. These two guys have great chemistry together. As usual, the beat is banging and Reks comes correct. Great way to close out the album.

I'm going to rate the album a

3.5 / 5

because most of the songs on here are really dope. The beats are consistently good and Reks spits fire throughout the entire album. There are a few filler tracks here or there, but the overwhelming majority of the LP is banging. Definitely check this out.