85th - Church Boys (Album)

85th is a group that hails from Woodhaven, New York and originally started as a large group of friends hanging out on the steps of a local church. As they grew up, 6 members started consistently creating music together and thus the long road to their latest album "Church Boys" began. The group consists of members DC, DGoD, Eleagle, 21 Quest, Matt Cronin, and Ken-I-Produce. Their album, "Church Boys", was released on May 31, 2013 and can be downloaded for free via the SoundCloud link below. The album is produced entirely by Ken-I-Produce and has a great underground boom-bap feel to it. Make sure you watch the video for the first single, "Infinity", below while you download the full album. Very dope.

Twitter: @85th_ChurchBoys

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