Epidemic - Somethin' For Tha Listeners (Review)

Epidemic - Somethin' For Tha Listeners (Cover)

"Somethin' For Tha Listeners" is the latest release from the South Florida based hip-hop duo Epidemic (consisting of emcees Hex One and Tek-nition). The album is fully produced by Esco and was released on June 25, 2013.

1) Intro - This track is just a nice instrumental by Esco.

2) Rhyme Writers - The first song on the album has an ill piano loop over some dusty boom-bap drums with the occasional jazz horn comin' in every now and then. The beat is definitely reminiscent of hip-hop's golden era and its banging. Both Hex One and Tek-nition absolutely body the track, spitting multi-syllabic rhymes in their trademark smooth flows. This shit is fire.

3) Bringin' It Back - Hex One and Tek-nition bring it back to the essence over a mellow piano instrumental. The beat is ill and both emcees rip it, with almost every line being full of quoteables.
"My bars touch ya, from galaxy to star clusters
I use a spark just to rearrange your jaw structure
But your a quazar, just far as my bombs thrust ya
I creep with sleekness, I'm seepin with uniqueness
But thinkin about the purpose of this dream has got me sleepless
For what its worth my verses be the key to lock these secrets
Plus the beats I rock be perfect like the Fibonacci secrets"
Another fire track.

4) Patience - Like the previous songs, the beat on this track is laid-back with some light piano keys and dusty drums that'll get your head nodding. Tek-nition and Hex One both rhyme about being patient while waiting for the fame and money to come. Very dope.

5) Cool Out - Esco is really bringing the heat on this album. Every beat so far has been flames and this one is no exception. The instrumental is slower in tempo than some of the others so far, with some soothing guitar strings and gutter boom-bap drums. Both emcees spit stories about women in their signature lyrics and flows. Very ill.

6) Check It Out - Hex One and Tek-nition rip yet another beautiful Eso instrumental. This seems to be a running trend on the album and I don't see it stopping anytime soon. The beat is a laid back piano loop and both emcees come with a positive message about wisening up and bettering yourself. Tek-nition rips it lovely.
"This goes out to the video girls shakin asses
Gettin paid, but once you hit the age you gonna fade to blackness
So give it up, before you give it up, it works both ways
Cuz in the end you gettin fucked just like you payin taxes"

7) They Don't Know - The beat on this song has a darker, almost melancholy organ and some rolling drums. Both emcees rip it, but Hex One comes especially hard with his rapid fire flow. This album has been very consistent in its sound so far, but its not running into the usual issues of songs starting to run together when the beats and flows are not diversified enough. Another banger.

8) Poisonous Love - Esco comes with another darker loop, this time with some despondent pianos and gloomy drums. The song is about love gone wrong, so the beat meshes well with the depressing lyrics. Both Tek-nition and Hex One rip it as always. Dope.

9) Mic Masters - This song starts off with a short instrumental that has a chill, West Coast feel to it before it fades out and the real song starts. I'd love to have heard a whole song with that beat, but oh well. Regardless, the instrumental that replaces it is just as ill and Hex One and Tek-nition both wreck it, spitting some braggadocio rhymes about how dope they are. This is one of the few times in modern rap music that the emcees can actually back up the claim. Fire.

10) Esco's Crates (Interlude) - Just a short instrumental interlude, but its ill. Esco has quickly become one of my favorite hip-hop producers just over the span of this album.

11) Monday to Sunday - Hex One and Tek-nition flow effortlessly over another somber Esco instrumental. Both emcees spit about a variety of depressing topics (greed, cancer, drugs, dead-end jobs) and how music helps to keep them from going crazy. This is some real shit right here.

12) One Life - This was the second single from the album and it bangs. The instrumental is a bit more upbeat and lighthearted than the previous few, but not by much. Once again, the topic of the song is about the stresses and bullshit of everyday life. Both emcees rip it yet again.
"I seek my own fate
And taking L's is what propels my feet to home plate
I never fell, through severed trails I keep my road straight
And just in case if Heaven fails my thesis holds weight in Hell
Until my cold state prevails, but before I'm layin deep in a hole
Son I'll be racin through this treasonous globe
Lookin for reasons like I wonder what a jealous nigga sees in his soul"
Damn this song is ill.

13) The Ocean - This was the first single from the album and its got an ill video to go with it. The beat is absolutely beautiful, but gutter at the same time. The backing sample is uplifting while the drums are dusty. Lyrically, both emcees spit about people trying to find happiness but are looking for it in the wrong places. Out of all the songs on the album, this may be my favorite. Very dope.

14) UNIversALL - The beat on this track is giving me flashbacks of Nas' "The World is Yours" for some reason. Its similar in vibe to that song, but definitely has its own unique identity. As always, Hex One and Tek-nition absolutely body the instrumental. Just over three minutes in the song switches up to a instrumental that has a very jazzy feel to it. Dope.

15) Nothin' Matters - This is the last track on the album (although its actually being considered a bonus track) and its another banger. The beat, by B.B.Z. Darney, actually meshes very well with the Esco beats throughout the rest of the LP and both emcees bring it. Great way to end the album.

I'm going to rate the album

4.5 / 5

because this shit is FIRE the whole way through. For being a virtually unknown producer, Esco became one of my favorite beatsmiths just over the course of the LP. His instrumentals are both beautiful and grimy, sorrowful but uplifting at the same time. Hex One and Tek-nition are two of the most gifted emcees in the rap industry today and couple killer flows with ill lyrics that actually have substance. It's a shame that this album is probably going to end up being highly slept on since its one of the highlights of 2013 so far. Don't sleep.


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