Killer Mike and El-P - Run the Jewels (Review)

Killer Mike and El-P - Run the Jewels (Review)

"Run the Jewels" is the latest collaboration album from Atlanta emcee Killer Mike and Brooklyn producer El-P. The album features guest appearances from Big Boi, Until the Ribbon Breaks and Prince Paul while El-P handles production duties on every track. The album was released for free on June 26, 2013.

1) Run the Jewels - The album kicks off with a hardcore electronic instrumental that's sure to get your blood flowing a bit. The beat has a ton of energy and is full of that classic El-P sound - dark, sci-fi inspired instrumentals and upbeat drums. Both emcees spit a verse before trading off bars for the final verse. El-P comes correct during his parts, but Killer Mike absolutely bodies the track.
"Cowering like cowards cowering on concrete showers in Rikers Island
Victims, we the wolves thats whylin
We ofter smile at sights of violence
Acting brave and courageous ain't advantageous for health and saftey
So we we say run the jewels just run'em baby"
Very ill.

2) Banana Clipper (featuring Big Boi) - It's always good to hear Killer Mike and Big Boi together on a track for some reason. It's even better to hear them over an El-P banger, like this one. As with the previous track, the beat is energetic and dark and everyone on the track spits fire. I'd love to hear a full project from this team-up since their styles gel really well together. This track is really good.

3) 36" Chain - El-P and Killer Mike spit about how dope they are over another electronic instrumental that sounds like El-P sampled a video game or something. I'm not talking about how people blend hip-hop with the Chrono Trigger soundtrack. I'm talking more about some 8-bit NES game or something. Shit's dope though.

4) DDFH - The beat and lyrics on this song are really dark. The instrumental has some crazy synths coming in on top of the hard drums and booming bass. The song title is an acronym for "Do Dope Fuck Hope", so you can tell the lyrics are going to be pretty bleak. Still, this song bangs.

5) Sea Legs - Now this is how you blend hip-hop and electronic music. Kanye tried it on his new album "Yeezus" and some of it turned out dope and some was pretty average in my opinion. This, however, is fire. The beat is dark and energetic and both emcees rip it. El-P is very abstract lyrically, while Killer Mike murders his verse.
"There will be no mercy me's
There will be no reprieve for the theives
There will be no respect for the thrones
No master mastered these bones
Your idols are all my rivals
I rival all of your idols
I stand on towers like Eiffel
I rifle down all your idols
Niggas will perish in Paris
Niggas is nothing but parrots"
Sounds like there are some jabs at Jay-Z and Kanye West in there. Very ill.

6) Job Well Done (featuring Until the Ribbon Breaks) - The instrumental on this track is just as dark and apocalyptic as the others, but this time there are some vocal chants and heavy synths to make it sound even more dismal. Killer Mike is spitting his ass off on this album. He is just as underrated as an emcee/lyricist as El-P is as a producer, which makes this team-up all the better. With that being said, El-P really rips this track lyrically. This track is ruthless.

7) No Come Down - All of the beats on this album so far have been consistent with the dark theme of the album, but none of them are blending together at all. Even with all of the heavy electronic elements, each instrumental has had its own unique quirks and things that make it dope. That trend continues with this song. The beat is ill and both El-P and Killer Mike spit about getting so high they may die. Very nice.

8) Get It - As with all the other tracks so far, the beat and lyrics on this track are hard as hell. El-P sets it off nicely and then Killer Mike comes in and rips it.
"I'm stuck in a time capsule when rap was actually factual
Meaning shit you spit might cause some killers to come and clap at you"
This is really dope. The best part is that this album was released for FREE and its better than 95% of the other stuff that dropped this year.

9) Twin Hype Back (featuring Prince Paul) - The beat on this song is full of crazy synths and what sounds like congo drums in the background. El-P and Killer Mike trade off bars throughout the entire song and both of them come correct. Prince Paul plays a character named Chest Rockwell who is absolutely hilarious on here. Dope.

10) A Christmas Fucking Miracle - The last track on the album might just be the best on here for me. The beat is epic and atmospheric and both emcees spit some socially conscious rhymes over it. El-P kicks it off.
"The most impressionable minds get molested and informed by manipulating forces
Don't fret little man, don't cry, they can never take the energy inside you were born with
Knowing that, understand you could never be poor
You already won the war
You were born rich
You can only take the energy you have going back to the realm or the home where your lord is"
This song is absolute fire.

I'm going to rate the album

4.5 / 5

because this is definitely one of the best albums to come out so far in 2013. The beats and lyrics are banging the whole way through, with no weak tracks, verses or filler to be found. Killer Mike and El-P are two of the most slept on artists in the rap industry and this album will hopefully help them get more shine. I still can't believe they released this album for free. Head on over to the Fools Gold website and download this immediately.


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