Ces - Namaste (Video)

Up-and-coming emcee Ces just sent over this lyric video for his track "Namaste", which features Ces spitting over an ill LA Chase instrumental. The beat is laid-back and provides a nice soundscape to complement the uplifting message of the song.
"Ces takes the originally hindu valediction "Namaste" most closely translated to meaning "the god in me also acknowledges the god in you" and extends it to his own life and own trials growing up as a bullied child due to racial differences. The apathy that Ces once had for life had transformed once he realized that all humans had a deeper light within their souls turning his apathy for life into an apathy for apathy itself. Ces encourages other human beings in his song to realize that they too are gods and to love life no matter what or who tries to intervene because the god aspect deep in everyone's heart is truly the most important thing."
Very dope track. Don't sleep on this.


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