Chance the Rapper - Acid Rap (Review)

Chance the Rapper - Acid Rap (Review)

"Acid Rap" is the second mixtape by Chicago emcee Chance the Rapper. The mixtape features guest appearances from BJ the Chicago Kid, Action Bronson, Ab-Soul, Childish Gambino and Twista, among others. It was released on April 30, 2013 as a free download over on Chance the Rapper's website.

1) Good Ass Intro (featuring BJ the Chicago Kid, Lili K, Kiara Lanier, Peter Cottontale, Will for the O'mys and JP Floyd for Kids These Days) - The mixtape begins with a short sung intro before Chance the Rapper comes in and starts spitting in his unique flow. His voice reminds me of a mix between Lil Wayne and Kendrick Lamar with a touch of Ol Dirty Bastards spontaneity thrown in, but his style is all his own. Despite this just being an intro, Chancelor has two verses on the song and he rips them. The beat has a soulful, but quirky feel to it which perfectly compliments his style and gives listeners a good glimpse into what to expect from the rest of the mixtape. This shit is dope.

2) Pusha Man (featuring Lili K and Nate Fox) - This track is really like three songs in one. The first one has a smooth instrumental and features Chance the Rapper spitting a few braggadocio rhymes. The beat is nice and the chorus is catchy. The transition to the next track is quite abrupt, however, with the first song ending and there being a few seconds of silence before the second one starts up. Initially I had though the song was over until I noticed there was still about 5 minutes of playtime left to it. Anyways, the second song has a laid-back instrumental similar to the first but its about paranoia this time. Again, the chorus is catchy and Chance rips it.
"They merking kids. They murder kids here.
Why you think they don't talk about it? They deserted us here.
Where the fuck is Matt Lauer at? Somebody get Katie Couric in here.
Probably scared of all the refugees. Look like we had a fucking hurricane here"
The beat changes up yet again for the third part of the song. Like the previous two, the instrumental is smooth and dreamy, but this time Chance is spitting about fear. This shits pretty dope, but I would have preferred it to be split up into two or three songs instead of one long song.

3) Cocoa Butter Kisses (featuring Vic Mensa and Twista) - The beat on this track has a murky, yet soulful feel to it as Chance the Rapper and guests Vic Mensa and Twista spit about growing up and turning into adults that are being judged by older generations. Basically, Chancelor misses his mom's "cocoa butter kisses" because she doesn't approve of the man he is today. The beat is ill and everyone brings it. Very dope song.

4) Juice - This song has another mellow instrumental, this time with a low-key guitar loop and some keyboards. Chance the Rapper raps about his current situation and how he got here. The lyrics are pretty good, but the hook is a little annoying after a while. This is ok, but not the best song on here so far.

5) Lost (featuring NoName Gypsy) - This song has a nice piano loop that samples Willie Hutch’s “Brother’s Gonna Work It Out.” The beat is laid-back and dreamy, which goes along with the darker subject matter of the song. Chance the Rapper spits about his messed up relationship with a woman (or with drugs) while NoName Gypsy raps from the perspective of the woman. I've never heard of NoName Gypsy, but she rips it on here. This is pretty good.

6) Everybody's Something (featuring Saba and BJ the Chicago Kid) - The beat on this track features a sample from Slum Villages "Fall in Love", but it's slowed way down to give it a slightly sinister feel. Chance the Rapper and guest Saba rap about how everybody is their own unique self and that nobody is insignificant. The beat is dope, the chorus is catchy and the lyrics are ill. Nice track.

7) That's Love (Interlude) - Chancelor rhymes about love over a soulful instrumental that has some uplifting pianos, smooth guitars and handclaps. This is dope. Too bad it isn't longer.

8) Favorite Song (featuring Childish Gambino) - I know the sample on this track, but I can't remember where it's from. Shit's right on the tip of my tongue too. Either way, the beat on here is banging. Chance the Rapper and guest Childish Gambino both come correct and rap about how this is their favorite song and it should be yours too. I'm not that familiar with Childish Gambino, but he sounds pretty good on here. Is there anything out there by him that I should check out?

9) NaNa (featuring Action Bronson) - Now this sample I do know. The beat on this track samples "Sucka Nigga" from A Tribe Called Quest, but it's not as dope as the original in my opinion. Both Chance the Rapper and Action Bronson come with a sing-song type of flow and rap somewhat nonsensical lyrics, with Bronson having the standout verse. This song is just ok for me.

10) Smoke Again (featuring Ab-Soul) - Chancelor and TDE/Black Hippy's Ab-Soul spit about how they want to smoke again since they got shit to do. Straight to the point, huh. Anyways, some of the lyrics on here are crazy, but I think Chance the Rapper comes the hardest:
"Flip the candy yum
That's the fuckin bombest
Lean all on the square
That's a fuckin rhombus"
That line made me laugh a bit. The beat is chill and the lyrics are on point. Dope track.

11) Acid Rain - Now THIS is dope. The beat is very relaxed, with an airy guitar and general breezy feel, but the bass is still knockin'. Chance the Rapper spits some introspective rhymes and touches on a variety of topics about life ranging from missing his "diagonal grilled cheeses" he would eat as a kid to his friend Rodney Kyles, who was killed in front of him a few years ago.
"Cigarette stained smile all covered in sin
My big homie died young, just turned older than him
I seen it happen. I seen it happen. I see it always.
He still be screaming. I see his demons in empty hallways"
This is one of my favorite tracks on here.

12) Chain Smoker - The instrumental on this track has a soulful vocal sample with some rapid-fire hi-hats and booming bass. Chance raps about himself and what makes him who he is. His flow on here is really ill and the lyrics are on point. This song is banging. Another one of my favorites.

13) Everything's Good (Good Ass Outro) - The final track on the album has an energetic instrumental with a nice piano loop, some subdued strings, bright horns and rolling drums. Chance the Rapper spits his goodbye's, with this being the last song on the mixtape and all, and how everything is still good despite his life changing over the past few years. Dope shit.

I'm going to rate the mixtape

4 / 5

because it's really dope the whole way through, with only a few occasional missteps. The beats are on point for pretty much the entire mixtape, with only a few of the samples being familiar (even if they are reworked a bit). Chance the Rapper himself comes correct on pretty much every track, with his unique voice, crazy flow and drug-heavy subject matter. He definitely has skills, but I can see his style as coming across as corny or too out there for the mainstream, which is a shame because this mixtape is really good. I'm definitely looking forward to hearing an album from him in the future. If you haven't already, head on over to Chance the Rapper's website and download the full mixtape for free.


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