Charmingly Ghetto - Of the Meaning of Progress (Album)

"Of the Meaning of Progress" is a collaboration album between Boston emcee Charmingly Ghetto and Brooklyn producer ATG that recently dropped over on The album features guest verses from REKS, Murph Watkins, Omar Aura, Chaundon, Koncept and Katrina Renee and is fully produced by ATG.
"After being in production for almost two years, C.G. and ATG are excited to put this out for the world. Their collaboration has created a truly special emcee and producer bond, and ATG's production has pushed C.G. in a more musical direction. He has always been known for his lyrical abilities, but "O.T.M.O.P." shows him flexing his songwriting muscle while being more apt to creating the right collaborations."
The album is really ill and showcases Charmingly Ghetto's mic skills over ATG's soulful production. You can stream or download the full album below. Dope shit.


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