Flesh of the Mind - Hell's Passover (Video)

Flesh of the Mind is a hip-hop group consisting of South Florida emcee A.L. Laureate and MC/Producer SoulSeeker, who hails from the Netherlands. The group recently released a video for the track "Hell's Passover", which is the first single off of their upcoming self-titled debut album "Flesh of the Mind." According to A.L. Laureate, the concept of the track is
"what would happen on the day of the world ends and different theories that have been said throughout time (example the bible, human terms and observations, etc.) and if/or a antichrist will rise to claim his spot on the earth through these series of events."
The song is really dope and showcases A.L. Laureate's thought-provoking lyrics over SoulSeekers haunting production. "Flesh of the Mind" will be released on vinyl in limited quantities on the groups Bandcamp site. For now, make sure you check out the video below.


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