Kojey Radical - Peter Pan Diet Two (Video)

 "Peter Pan Diet Two" is the latest installment of "Chapter Two", the new collection of work from East London artist and writer Kojey Radical focused primarily around spoken word and film, but drawing from his diverse range of influences as a mixed media artist.

"The 5th release as part of the project, "Peter Pan Diet Two" sees a much more aggressive style to Kojey's writing, outlining early weaknesses and attacking them head on with honest stanzas and complex rhyming patterns - demonstrating a huge growth since "Peter Pan Diet One" which was known for it's raw social statements, hungry lyrics and delivery. "Peter Pan Diet Two" keeps this same energy going but from what almost sounds like a split personality. Beginning with a calm, stuttered, more ominous flow and later developing into a much harder potent attack, Kojey shows off more of his influences by developing on Big Pun's “little Italy” flow from 'Twinz (Deep Cover 98')' and closes the piece off with a twist on the ending of its predecessor.
"Chapter Two" culminates on August 28th ending with a live show, exhibition and screening of Kojey's next Fashion Film Lagom: Assez the anticipated sequel to his debut short film Lagom Ar Battre."


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