The Alchemist X SSUR Mini-EP (Review)

The Alchemist X SSUR Mini-EP (Review)

Hip-hop producer The Alchemist just released a three song mini-album to coincide with the release of his Limited Edition SSUR X Alchemist Starter Snapback. He posted the EP up on Soundcloud as three individual tracks and sent them out via his Twitter account earlier today. Here is a quick review of the three songs, which are available to stream and/or purchase after the jump.

1) Camp Registration (featuring Step Brothers, Action Bronson, Blu and Domo Genesis) - The first track on the EP has Alchemist sharing production duties with Bombay Da Realest Music for a song that really has two beats in one. The first beat, by Alchemist, is an ill soul sample loop with that signature cinematic Alchemist sound. The second, by Bombay Da Realest Music, also has a cinematic beat that is just as good as the first. The shit is beautiful. Lyrically, the Step Brothers (Evidence and Alchemist) start it off with Action Bronson, Blu and Domo Genesis following up. The emcees each rap a few bars before the next comes in, with no real order as to when the verses show up. This shit is ill. Alchemist is without a doubt one of the best hip-hop producers of all time. His output is just nuts and almost all of his beats are banging. Very dope.

2) 1010 Wins (featuring Domo Genesis, Action Bronson, Meyhem Lauren, Roc Marciano and Despot) - The beat on this track is a crazy synth loop with some dope ass drums giving it almost a rock music feel. Action Bronson and Roc Marciano spit the hardest, with Domo Genesis and Mayhem Lauren coming correct as well. Despot makes a rare appearance on this track and spits a dope verse to close out the song. It's not as good as "Camp Registration", but this song is still pretty ill.

3) Tesla (featuring Freddie Gibbs, Domo Genesis and Hodgy Beats) - The final track on the EP has another soulful loop, this time with some horns, pianos and a vocal sample. This song has got me anticipating Freddie Gibbs' collaboration album with Madlib, "Cocaine Pinata", even more since he sounds as good over boom-bap instrumentals as he does over trap beats. Combine Freddie Gibbs with ill verses from Domo Genesis and Hodgy Beats and you got another banger. Dope shit.


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