Zaid Tabani - Live And Direct (Video)

"Live and Direct" is the first single of Zaid "Redrapper" Tabani's new album, "LIMBO", which will be available on Bandcamp and iTunes sometime later today.
"The video was shot over 3 days in Fullerton,CA and was directed, produced, and edited by Tabani himself. It features Zaid as he cuts down enemy after enemy on his way up to fight the "Big Boss" himself, in a grindhouse style over-the-top fight sequence."
"LIMBO" is the first commercial release from Zaid Tabani in nearly 3 years. The album features 18 new songs including "Live and Direct", "Prime", and "Limbo(feat. Kana)". Shoutout to The Cypher Effect for sending this over my way.


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