Juicy J - Stay Trippy (Review)

Juicy J - Stay Trippy

"Stay Trippy" is the third solo album by Three Six Mafia member Juicy J. The album features guest appearances from Pimp C, Project Pat, Trey Songz, Wale, Big Sean and others as well as production by Young Chop, Mike WiLL Made It, Timbaland and others. It is set to be released on August 27, 2013 via Taylor Gang Records, Kemosabe Records and Columbia Records.

1) Stop It - The first song on the album has an ill instrumental, with some vocal chanting, eerie synths and booming 808's. Juicy does his thing lyrically and raps about the usual topics of stacking his money, using drugs and telling the haters to stop hating. It's typical Three Six Mafia / Juicy J material, but it's dope regardless. While this song is a nice way to start off the album, it's not really a standout track for me in the overall scope of the album.

2) Smokin' Rollin' (featuring Pimp C) - Now this is dope. The beat is smooth, with a distorted vocal sample, spacey synths and head-nodding drums. Juicy comes through and just kicks some rhymes about doing drugs and flaunting his wealth, but the real star of the song is the posthumous verse by U.G.K.'s Pimp C. This guy was always one of my favorite rappers and I was really sad when he passed away back in 2007. Anyways, I'm really feelin' this track. Very ill.

3) No Heart No Love (featuring Project Pat) - Juicy J and his older brother Project Pat spit some violent bars over another upbeat trap instrumental. The beat is banging and both emcees do their thing despite the uninspired topic of the song, but who really listens to Juicy J for thought-provoking records anyways? Nice.

4) So Much Money - Young Chop comes through with yet another trap instrumental for Juicy J to rap about his money stacks over. The beat should get you pumped up a bit if you aren't already, but Juicy doesn't really bring anything new to the table on here. He is definitely playing it safe on the album so far, which is good in a way since it's a formula that he perfected years ago. Not bad.

5) Bounce It (featuring Trey Songz and Wale) - The beat on this song, courtesy of Dr. Luke and Baby E, has some more out-of-this-world synths over booming 808's. Combine the bouncy beat with stripper verses from Juicy J and Wale and a catchy chorus by Trey Songz and you have a commercial hit. This is actually really good for what it is. Nice.

6) Wax - Juicy J raps about getting high over a really dope instrumental with the same "I get high" vocal sample as Styles P's "Good Times", just flipped differently. The beat is banging and Juicy J is on point despite the limited subject matter. I'm still waiting for him to try something new, but that hasn't happened yet. Regardless, this shit is dope.

7) Gun Plus A Mask (featuring Yelawolf) - The beat on this track has a darker tone to go along with the similarly grim and violent lyrics by Juicy and Shady Records emcee Yelawolf. Juicy does his thing, but Yelawolf rips this...at least until he starts screaming towards the end of his verse. I not really feelin' that part. Otherwise, this shit is bangs.

8) Smoke A Nigga (featuring Wiz Khalifa) - Mike WiLL Made It comes through with a beautiful instrumental for Juicy and Wiz Khalifa to spit some weed raps over. The beat is really nice, with a haunting background sample and rapid-fire hi-hats, and both emcees come correct. Wiz has not been impressing me lately, but he sounds pretty good on here. Nice.

9) Show Out (featuring Big Sean and Young Jeezy) - This song was the second single released from the album and dope. The beat, by Mike WiLL Made It, is not as good as the previous song in my opinion, but it still bangs. Juicy J and Young Jeezy are both on point, but Big Sean sounds really weak on here. It's not the best song on the album, but it's still pretty good.

10) The Woods (featuring Justin Timberlake) - Well this is a little different. The beat on this track, courtesy of Timbaland, has a unique sound that very different than all of the trap/club instrumentals so far. It's full of that trademark Timbaland funk, with some clean synths and subtle elements of beatboxing. Juicy J also switches up the subject matter a little and raps about "that special chick" instead of his usual money, drugs and hoes while Justin provides the chorus. I could hear this being a big hit on the radio if they decide to release it. Dope.

11) Money A Do It - Now back to the trap beats. At least we got a bit of a break on the previous song. Anyways, the beat on here is your typical trap music instrumental and Juicy J raps about his usual topics of money coming along with the haters. Just when you think the track isn't really going to have anything unique about it, the beat changes up into an ominous monster of an instrumental that might be one of my favorites on the album. Dope.

12) Talkin' Bout (featuring Chris Brown and Wiz Khalifa) - Man, Juicy J definitely knows how to make banger after banger and this song is no exception. The beat is beautiful, with some airy keyboards and synths, and all three emcees actually rip it. I had a feeling that Chris Brown was going to ruin the song, but he really doesn't and spits a nice verse about always being up in the news. Dope shit.

13) All I Blow Is Loud - This is just another weed track, but it bangs. The beat is sinister, with a layer of dark synths over booming bass drums, and Juicy J rips it. The theme of the song is just a rehash of countless other Three Six Mafia songs, but they have a way of coming up with new ways of keeping the same material fresh. Very nice.

14) Bandz A Make Her Dance (featuring Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz) - This was the first single released from the album and it's just ok for me. As far as stripper songs go, I prefer "Bounce It" over this one simply because I can't stand 2 Chainz nor the post-"Tha Carter II" Lil Wayne. The beat, by Mike WiLL Made It, is pretty dope though. Eh, not really feelin' this one.

15) Scholarship (featuring ASAP Rocky) - This is another stripper track, but it's better than the previous song in my opinion because it's actually quite humorous. I think I'm still feelin' "Bounce It" more, but this one ain't half bad. The beat is pretty ill and I'd probably put ASAP Rocky over both Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz at this point. Not bad, but not a standout for me.

16) If I Ain't - Now this is better. The final song on the album has another banging instrumental with more trap synths and window-shattering 808's and Juicy does his thing, rapping about the various drugs he does and such. He is definintely not re-inventing the wheel here, but the shit is ill regardless.

I'm going to rate the album

4.25 / 5

because its surprisingly dope. The beats are fire throughout the entire album, with maybe one or two tracks that I'm not feelin' as much as the others. Juicy J does his thing lyrically, spitting occasionally witty lyrics in his trademark flow. My only complaint about the album is that Juicy never really tries to do anything new on here and simply recycles the same topics over and over throughout the course of the album. It's a minor issue, but I'd love to hear him step outside his comfort zone every once in a while. The way it is now, the album starts to blend together and almost sounds like one long track with the only exception being "The Woods." Still, Juicy J is one of the best at what he does and most people are not checking for him to change up his style anyways, which I can agree with to a point.


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