Currensy and Young Roddy - Bales (Review)

Currensy and Young Roddy - Bales

"Bales" is the first collaborative mixtape between Currensy and Jet Life member Young Roddy. The mixtape features a guest verse from Juvenile as well as production from Harry Fraud, Sledgen, King Thelonious, Monstabeatz and others. It was released on September 6, 2013 and can be downloaded for free over on

1) Bales - The first song on the mixtape has a breezy instrumental, courtesy of Harry Fraud, that has a peaceful backing sample layered over mellow drums. The beat is just beautiful and both Currensy and Young Roddy sounds great over it, kicking rhymes about their usual topics of women, weed, cars and money. You would think that the rehash of topics would start to get played out after all the music Currensy has dropped in the past few years, but it hasn't yet (at least for me). Very dope.

2) Grizzly - This song actually appeared on Currensy and Jet Life's "Red Eye Mixtape", which just dropped a few weeks ago. Head on over to that review to see my thoughts on it if you want. If not, just know its dope.

3) Weather Channel - King Thelonious comes through with a very laid back instrumental with some beautiful chimes, light strings and a ton of ambiance for Currensy and Young Roddy to spit over. These two guys have some great chemistry together and hopefully Currensy keeps working with him in the future. Another ill track.

4) Certified - The beat on this track, provided by frequent Jet Life collaborator Monstabeatz, is really smooth and has a great hazy feel to it. Roddy goes solo on here and proves that he is easily the most skilled emcee out of the Jet Life camp, besides Currensy himself. He is quickly becoming one of my favorite new rappers as well. Dope shit.

5) The War on Drugs - Harry Fraud returns with another laid-back instrumental, this time with a prominent guitar sample with some soft synths over mellow drums. His beats on here have been dope so far, but they ain't touching his work with Currensy on their "Cigarette Boats EP" in my opinion. Still, the beat is smooth and Currensy and Young Roddy are both on point over it. Very nice.

6) 100 Spokes - Ok, I spoke too soon. Harry Fraud comes through with an absolute banger of an instrumental with some electric guitars and rapid-fire hi-hats that both Currensy and Roddy just rip into. The beat is really dope and both emcees sound great over it, rapping about about their usual topics in their smoked-out flows. They haven't really been trying anything new on here, but their tried-and-true formula keeps their core fanbase coming back over and over again and they seem comfortable with that. Anyways, this song is dope and is one of my favorite songs on here.

7) Mo Money (featuring Juvenile) - Well this is a little different. Mike WiLL Made It stops by to drop off an energetic trap instrumental with window-shattering 808's and synths that are a sharp contrast from the calm, laid-back instrumentals of the first half of the mixtape. The beat is pretty ill and Currensy, Juvenile and Young Roddy all come correct over it. It's not my favorite song on here, but it's still really good.

8) AD4 - Harry Fraud is back, this time for the fourth installment in Currensy's series of "Audio Dope" songs. The beat is another mellow instrumental with some ambient synths and a sprinkle of soft piano keys over stuttering drums. These are the type of songs that Currensy does best. I'm definitely a huge fan of intricate lyrics and head-nodding boom-bap beats, but Currensy has a way of making his music just as enjoyable for me without being lyrically complex. Dope shit.

9) Right Now - This song also appeared on Currensy and Jet Life's "Red Eye Mixtape", so head on over to that review to see my thoughts on it if you want. If not, just know that its ill.

10) Walkie Talkies - King Thelonious returns with a spacey instrumental with some soft keyboards and smokey drums. The beat has a hazy feel and both Currensy and Roddy do their thing over it. I just wish the vocals didn't sound so distorted since I've never been a huge fan of that unless it really adds to the theme of the song. Still, I'm feelin' this track.

11) Parking Lot Pimps - The final song on the EP has a pimped-out instrumental with some horns, guitars, trunk-rattling bass and Sledgrens signature synths. The beat hits really hard and both emcees rip it, kicking some rhymes about their women and cars. This shit is fire and is one of my favorite songs on the mixtape.

I'm going to rate the mixtape

4 / 5

because it's really dope the whole way though. The beats are fire throughout and both Currensy and Young Roddy are on point with their rhymes. They don't try to do anything outside of the box on here, so I'm sure their core fanbase is going to love the smoked out anthems and general hazy feel of the mixtape. It's incredible how much free music these guys put out while still maintaining such a high level of quality on every release. Head on over to to download it for free when you get a chance.


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