The Underachievers - The Lords of Flatbush (Review)

The Underachievers - The Lords of Flatbush

"The Lords of Flatbush" is the latest mixtape from hip-hop duo The Underachievers, which consists of emcees Issa Dash and AK. The mixtape is mostly produced by Lex Luger, but also features beats from Eric "The Architect" Elliot of Flatbush Zombies and Eff Dope of Tribe Gang. It was released on August 29, 2013 and can be downloaded for free over on

1) Leaving Scraps - The first song on the mixtape has a hard-hitting Lex Luger instrumental with some of his trademark spaced-out synths and trunk-rattling 808's. The beat is banging, but you may notice a sharp change in the lyrical content from The Underachiver's themselves. As group member Issa recently Tweeted
"This tape is mostly bangers. All the lyrical conscious expanding knowledge filled magical triple optic shit will have to wait for the album."
Ok, cool. Keeping that in mind, this shit is dope.

2) Flexing - The beat on this song is a little less energetic than the first, but is still full of Lex's signature layered keyboards and deep bass. Both emcees come correct and the beat is pretty dope, but I don't think this song is quite as good as the first.

3) Cold Crush - Lex Luger comes through yet again with another in-your-face instrumental with some trippy keyboards and hard snares. Both Issa and AK are on point, but I think AK has the strongest verse on here. His aggressive flow and voice just sounded really good over the instrumental. Not bad, but I'm still feelin' "Leaving Scraps" more than these past two tracks.

4) Still Shining - The beat on this track is probably my favorite on the mixtape so far, with some darker resonant synths and window-shattering 808's. The instrumental has a ton of energy and both emcees flow nicely over it, but they are not really saying much on here that hasn't been said on the previous three songs. Still, the beat is dope and the verses are far from terrible. There is nothing mind-blowing on here, but its not bad.

5) Fake Fans - Ok now this is dope. The beat hits hard as hell and both emcees come correct, rapping about fake fans who claim to be down but who are not really part of UA's close-knit circle. There are still a ton of references to women and drugs and such, but there is a little bit of a concept going on with this track that sets it apart from all of the others so far. Very dope.

6) Melody of the Free - The instrumental on this song doesn't sound like any other Lex Luger beat that I've ever heard before. The beat has a jazzy feel, with some soft piano keys, soulful background vocals and shuffling drums. It's very different than all of the other trap instrumentals so far and shows that Lex has some versatility in his style. Lyrically both emcees are on point, but I think AK comes the hardest as he spits
"A storm's been predicted on your forecast
Rebirth the energy of Earth when his tongue snaps
This is my turf, verse leave them with a swamp sack
Come to combat, I'm Rambo or Bojack
With a bat crack, your whole frame dissemble that
Always peace and love, but know them thugs remember"
This shit is dope.

7) Midnight Augusto - Eff Dope of Tribe Gang comes through with a foreboding instrumental with some gloomy synths and rapid-fire hi-hats that definitely brings a darker vibe to the mixtape. The beat is banging and both emcees rip it, kicking some threatening rhymes about how other "niggas ain't really bout shit." The song as a whole sounds more like their older material than anything else on the mixtape so far. Fire.

8) N.A.S.A. - The final song on the album has a beautiful instrumental, by Flatbush Zombie member Eric “The Architect” Elliot, that has a soulful vocal sample layered over smooth guitars and laid-back drums. The beat is uplifting and both Issa and AK body it, especially AK who spits
"A nigga been blessed since he came out the womb
Now the world blessed too cause I'm the influence
Tuned with the truth kick knowledge in the booth
And the streets with the G's and real niggas salute
Do it for the stars aligning on Planet X
Never had a plan B, I always knew I was next"
This shit is absolute fire and is my favorite song on the mixtape.

I'm going to rate the mixtape

3.25 / 5

because it's pretty dope, but it could have been a little better in my opinion. The beats are good throughout and cover a wide range of styles, from Lex Luger's trap instrumentals to more laid-back beats like "N.A.S.A." Lyrically the album is a little more hit-or-miss, with most of the songs lacking any concepts besides just being straight bangers. I know thats what Issa Dash said this tape was about, but I'd have preferred a little more variety and maybe a few more themed or conceptual tracks. Still, this shit is pretty dope. Head on over to and download the full mixtape for free.


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