Andrew Kelley and DJ Mekalek - Some Songs I Made For RZA (Album)

Andrew Kelley, producer and A&R for RZA's Soul Temple Records label, recently dropped a compilation album of some of his favorite cuts from the albums he has worked on for the label. The project features songs taken from Wu-Tang Clan's "Chamber Music" and "Legendary Weapons" albums as well as RZA's "Man With The Iron Fists" soundtrack and Ghostface Killah / Adrian Younge's "Twelve Reasons to Die."
"Kelley says 'I am fortunate enough to say I have had the opportunity to work with the greatest rap group of all time. Putting together songs & albums that I hope have added to their legacy.  I wanted to say thank you to all the Wu Tang fans for your support throughout the years.'" 
Also included on the project are some unreleased remixes and exclusives, all expertly mixed by Kelley's long time collaborator DJ Mekalek. Peep it below.


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