DJ Dister - Roll Wit Dis (Review)

DJ Dister - Roll Wit Dis

 "Roll Wit Dis" is the latest album from hip-hop producer DJ Dister. The album features guest appearances from The Artifacts, Masta Ace, A.G., Kool G Rap, Jeru The Damaja and others and is fully produced by DJ Dister himself. It was released on August 27, 2013 via Born 2 Roll Records.

1) Intro (featuring Inessa Boné) - Skit.
2) Regardless (featuring Artifacts and DJ StyleWarz) - The first song on the album features New Jerusalem legends the Artifacts wrecking shit over a head-nodding DJ Dister instrumental. The beat is ill, with a chopped up vocal sample and some subtle synths and guitars over boom-bap drums. Lyrically Tame One comes correct, but El the Sensei has the standout verse while DJ StyleWarz kills it on the ones and twos. It's great to hear these guys rhyming together again. Very dope way to kick off the album.

3) Free (featuring KRS-One, Kool G Rap and Greg Nice (of Nice & Smooth)) - This song has another ill instrumental with some resonant horns, soft pianos and head-nodding drums. As expected, both KRS-One and Kool G Rap spit fire while Greg Nice provides the chorus. I'm especially feelin' G Rap's verse. Very nice.

4) Everywhere (featuring Fashawn, Torae and Inessa Boné) - California emcee Fashawn and Brookyn native Torae team up over a laid-back instrumental with some sampled strings and low-key backing vocals. The beat is smooth, both emcees do their thing and Inessa Boné sounds nice on the chorus, but this song isn't quite as impressive for me as the past two. It's still quite dope, however, so don't take that as a knock to the song. Nice.

5) The Remedy (featuring Jeru The Damaja) - Gangstarr Foundation's Jeru The Damaja holds it down solo on this track which features another head-nodding boom-bap instrumental by DJ Dister. The beat is real nice and Jeru rips it as only he can. I heard he has was working on a new album that was supposed to be out sometime in 2013, but then I seemed to lose track of it. Oh well, this shit is banging and has me anticipating the new album even more than before.

6) Benni Blonco (featuring Lords Of The Underground) - Well here is another group that I haven't heard much from lately - Lords of The Underground. Lyrically Mr. Funke and DoItAll sound just as good as ever but are lacking a little bit of energy from their "Chief Rocka" / "Funky Child" days. Regardless, the beat is hard, both emcees rip it and DJ Lord Jazz ties it all together with the cuts at the end of the song. Very nice.

7) Rhyme Dropping (featuring Motion Man and DJ Ill O) - Frequent Kut Masta Kurt / Kool Keith collaborator Motion Man comes through on the solo tip and spits fire over an energetic instrumental full of sweeping strings, chopped up vocal loops and boom-bap drums. I haven't heard a Motion Man verse and years and he sounds really good on here. Another dope track.

8) Lifestyle Of The Famous (featuring Skyzoo and Jah Sun) - The beat on this track has a darker feel than some of the others so far, with some pianos and horns over hard-ass drums. Skyzoo shows up and kicks two street verses while Jah Sun provides the reggae-inspired chorus. It's not my favorite song on here, but it's still quite good. Nice.

9) Stop Fronting (featuring A.G. (of D.I.T.C.) and DJ Ill O) - Now THIS is fire. D.I.T.C. legend A.G. drops gems over a banging piano loop that is perfectly suited for his laid back delivery. The beat is beautiful, A.G. does his thing and DJ Ill O's scratching helps to add that extra layer to put the song above and beyond many of the tracks on the album so far. Very, very dope.

10) Ain't No Thing (featuring Masta Ace and DJ Ill O) - Not to be outdone by the dopeness of the previous track, DJ Dister comes through with another banger, this time recruiting Brooklyn veteran Masta Ace. Both A.G. and Masta Ace have similar vocal tones and deliveries (at least to me), so its nice to hear them come with back to back solo cuts on the album. This shit is fire. Very dope.

11) Hiluminati (featuring Maffew Ragazino) - Maffew Ragazino is an emcee hailing from Brooklyn that has been featured on a few tracks that I've heard in the recent past, but I have yet to check out a full project from him. Due to that, I don't really have much to compare this song to, but i will say that this shit is dope. The beat is darker and Maffew rips it, kicking some witty bars in a somewhat intense flow. Usually songs with lesser known or unfamiliar emcees are the weaker tracks for me on albums such as this, but this track is an exception and has definitely got me looking forward to hear more from Maffew. Dope shit.

12) Blessed (featuring Lil Dap (of Group Home)) - This track showcases the second Gangstarr Foundation appearance on the album, this time from Group Home's Lil Dap. I've always thought that Dap was a better emcee than Melachi the Nutcracker, so it's really nice to hear him get a solo track on here. Lyrically he is about the same has he has been since he first appeared with Gangstarr in the early 90's, kicking some nice rhymes in his unique voice. Combine that with a dope beat and we have another ill track.

13) Vocals (featuring Kool Keith) - The album closes out with a solo track from Kool Keith, who spits some rhymes over a nice piano-based instrumental. Keith has always been a bit hit-or-miss for me as an emcee, but he sounds pretty good on here. His style is definitely unique and his rhymes are usually out there, but it's just never really clicked for me. Either way, this shit is pretty ill. I'm impressed.

I'm going to rate the album

4 / 5

because its quite good. DJ Dister really comes through with the beats on mostly every track, crafting some dope boom-bap instrumentals reminiscent of hip-hops "Golden Era" while still maintaining a fresh feel. Lyrically the album is on point as well, with mostly every guest emcee ripping the beats they are featured over. There are a few tracks that are not as strong as the others, but nothing on this album is even close to being weak. If you are a fan of veteran emcees ripping boom-bap-inspired beats, make sure to pick up the album.


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