Paranom and Purpose (of Tragic Allies / 7 G.E.M.S.) - Life Outside The Frame (Review)

Paranom and Purpose - Life Outside the Frame

 "Life Outside The Frame" is the first collaboration album between Purpose (of Tragic Allies) and the latest member of Tragic Allies, Paranom. The album features guest appearances from Relentless and Estee Nack (of Tragic Allies) and is fully produced by Purpose himself. It was released on December 10, 2013 via Ill Adrenaline Records.

1)  Intro - Intro.

2) Precision - The first song on the album features a head nodding instrumental with a sprinkle of soft pianos keys, a subtle vocal sample and some ill scratching to tie it all together. The beat is absolutely beautiful and Paranom just bodies it, kicking some ill rhymes in a complex, yet smooth flow. This album will be my first real time hearing Paranom spit and so far it seems like he is going to be a beast on the mic. His style and delivery seems very reminiscent of that Tragic Allies feel, so it sounds like he is going to be a great addition to the collective. This is fire and is a great way to kick off the album.

3) Interlude To Your Mood - This was one of the singles released in promotion of the album and its quite dope. The beat consists of a funky vocal loop that brings a ton of energy with it, which is in sharp contrast with the more mellow vibe of the preceding track. Lyrically Paranom doesn't miss a step and comes with a quicker flow to match the upbeat instrumental. I'm really diggin' the throwback feel of this track. Very dope.

4) Bee Stings (Seraphémme) - This song reverts back to the more laid-back feel of the first song, but this time featuring a haunting vocal loop and ambient keys that give the beat a real dreamy feel. Purpose is really comin' correct with the beats on this album so far and this track is no exception. Lyrically Paranom is on point as well, kicking some more witty rhymes in an intricate flow. I can already tell this album will require quite a few listens before I am able to fully dissect all of the lyrics. Another banger.

5) Rise Above - Paranom spits some more fire over a soft vocal loop and textured backing sample that has a real carefree feel to it. So far he has been really impressing me as an emcee and all of the beats have been even better than those on the 7 G.E.M.S. album, "Golden Era Music Sciences", which was also fully produced by Purpose. This project is shaping up to be something serious. Very dope track.

6) So High - Purpose delivers a breezy instrumental with a low-key vocal sample and light horns that perfectly compliment Paranom's vivid rhymes that are teeming with religious imagery. The beat is just heavenly and Paranom bodies it. All of the songs so far have been fire, but I'm really feelin' this track. Very ill.

7) Dayz Go By - I believe this was the first single from the album and it's also just happens to be one of my favorite songs so far. The beat is simply beautiful, featuring a reflective, though somewhat somber, piano loop layered over head nodding boom-bap drums and Paranom flows over it like water. If you are reading this and haven't peeped the album yet, check out the video below for a good indication of the theme and feel of the project. Another banger.

8) Night Gallery - This song has another mid-tempo instrumental with light pianos that has a strong jazzy vibe going on with it. Once again, the beat is dope and Paranom rips it, kicking some wonderfully vivid and poetic rhymes in his intricate flow. Purpose's instrumentals have just been stellar throughout the album and Paranom has been bodying them. Despite that, I'm hoping for the energy level to pick up just a little since we haven't had an upbeat song since "Interlude To Your Mood". Still, this is fire.

9) Nack (Interlude) - Skit.

10) Microphone Phenomenal - This track was another one of the singles from the album and is also a standout cut for me. The beat is banging, with some jazzy horns, what sounds like xylophones and ill scratching by DJ Grazzhoppa on the chorus. Paranom effortlessly glides over the instrumental and showcases some more of his considerable mic skills. Dude is really impressing me on here. Another banger.

11) Food 4 Thought - The instrumental on this song features another soulful instrumental with a chopped up vocal loop and some light pianos. The beat is ill and Paranom does his thing over it, kicking some knowledge in his cryptic style. The lyrics are definitely top notch and each bar is jam packed with some deep imagery and meaning. As I said before, its going to be a while before I can decipher everything he is saying on this album. Very nice.

12) Eternal Clipse - Now this is fire. Purpose comes through with a beautiful instrumental full of melancholy strings, a flutter of soft keys and head-nodding drums for Paranom to rip. The beat has a real esoteric feel to it and sounds like something Killah Priest would have felt right at home over, but this is Paranom's show and he delivers. Man, this album is crazy. Very dope track.

13) Godiva - This song utilizes the same sample as Common's "The People", but Purpose flips it differently and gives the instrumental a fresh feel despite the familiar sample. Lyrically Paranom comes through and spits some ill bars about his "chocolate queen". Very nice, but this isn't really a standout track for me.

14) 7 Sciences (featuring Relentless, Purpose and Estee Nack) - This song is obligatory posse cut and its dope. Paranom has gone solo for the entire album so it's definitely nice to hear some guests spit on this track just to mix things up a bit. Simply by the lineup you know this song is going to be fire lyrically and the beat doesn't disappoint either, with some nice horns and pianos layered over a funky vocal sample and boom-bap drums. The only thing missing is a verse from Code Nine. Regardless, this shit is dope.

15) Be A King - After that brief shake up, Paranom is back to spitting solo on this track which features another beautiful instrumental full of falling chimes and a soulful vocal sample. Both the production and emceeing on this album has been quality throughout and neither show any signs of letting up even here near the end. Another banger.

16) Dreamz - Paranom spits some incredibly vivid and well thought out lyrics about dreams and their symbology, among other things, over another banging Purpose instrumental full of falling pianos, dreamy strings and boom-bap drums. As on most of the other songs, the beat is real mellow and Paranom sounds great over it. Very dope.

17) I Remember - Purpose come through with a pensive instrumental featuring some more keys layered over a textured backing sample, boom-bap drums and a Nas vocal sample on the chorus. Lyrically Paranom takes this time to reflect on his past and remember life growing up in the streets. Another dope track.

18) Passion Of The Vice - Paranom kicks some more verses teeming with religious imagery and metaphors to describe the day to day bullshit that goes on in the world today over a head nodding instrumental with gentle pianos blended with a soaring backing vocal sample that comes in during the chorus. As on pretty much every track, I'm really feelin' the lyrics and beat on this track. Not much more to say than that. Dope shit.

19) No Longer Laughin' (featuring Purpose and Estee Nack) - The final song on the album has a slower instrumental with more pianos, strings and a strong melancholy feel. Lyrically Paranom and Purpose both come correct, as expected, and spit some somber street stories about people who die trying to escape the street life while Estee Nack sings the chorus. Dope way to close out the album.

I'm going to rate the album

4.5 / 5

because its absolute fire. The beats are banging throughout, with only one or two of the seventeen songs having a less than fire instrumental. While I was really feelin' the production on the "Golden Era Music Sciences" album, Purpose really stepped it up on this project and delivered instrumentals that are lush and vibrant and are just a step above the beats on that album. This is my first time hearing any material from up-and-coming lyricist Paranom and he has definitely made me a fan. His lyrics are witty and thoughtfully written and his delivery is smooth, yet intense. He packs so much meaning and so many dense multisyllabic rhyme schemes into his bars that the lyrics can be hard to decipher at times, but that is a good thing because there is always something new to discover upon repeated listens. All in all, the album is definitely a banger and is one of my favorite projects of 2013.


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