Tonedeff - Demon EP (Review)

Tonedeff - Demon EP

"Demon EP" is the second installment from Tonedeff's second album "Polymer", which consists of four EPs that, when combined, will form the final album. The EP features no real guest appearances besides some backing vocals by Danish singer-songwriter, FJER and is fully produced by Tonedeff himself. It was released digitally on December 10, 2013 through his Bandcamp page.

1) Moment - The EP kicks off with a bouncy synth-heavy instrumental that is more reminiscent sonically of Tonedeff's previous EP, "Glutton", than most of the work he put out prior to it. The beat is ok and works within the theme and feel of the song, but its nothing really spectacular in my opinion. The rhymes, on the other hand, are quite good as Tonedeff spits about running out of time and holding on to the moment while using a variety of double-time flows. He has always been a really great technical emcee so the complexity of his flow and lyrics are really no surprise on here. This is better than many of the songs on "Glutton" for me and is definitely a step in the right direction from that EP. Nice.

2) Demon - Tonedeff comes through with a rapid-fire flow over a pulsing instrumental that slowly builds up in anxious energy over the course of the song. There is a quick moment of respite where he sings about halfway through the track, but then its back to the intense feel of the first half as the beat morphs to incorporate some soaring backing vocals and more ominous synths. Lyrically this song is just amazing as Tonedeff reaches almost supersonic speeds when spitting his rhymes, which deal mostly with anxiety. This shit is pretty crazy. Nice.

3) Crispy - This song features a drum-n-bass instrumental that also builds up in BPM and energy as the song goes on. Lyrically Tonedeff comes with more machine gun flows, spitting almost too fast to actually understand what he is saying. Luckily the lyrics are provided with the album so I was able to follow along. Just when I didn't think he could possibly spit any faster, he turns it up to 192 BPM for the final verse. I don't think I've ever heard anyone rap this fast for such a sustained period of time. Dope shit.

4) Use Me - This song begins with Tonedeff singing a bit, which he has done a few times in the past and is actually quite good at. The instrumental on here is dope as well and features some pianos blended in with the synths, giving this song a slightly more organic feel than the others so far. Lyrically Tone comes through as expected, spitting some honest rhymes in a rapid-fire flow that is toned down a bit so you can actually catch the lyrics. Dope.

5) Cinder - The final song on the EP is more like an outro since there is no rapping to be found on it. Instead, there is computerized voice speaking about time before a ticking clock, some atmospheric synths and slightly ominous distorted vocals come in. Eh, this doesn't really do much for me since I'm here for the rhymes, but I guess it functions as an outro well enough.

I'm going to rate the EP

3.75 / 5

because I'm feelin' it a lot more than the "Glutton EP". The beats on here are still very synth-based, which is not my first choice of soundscape for Tonedeff to spit over, but it works well enough within the theme of the EP which mainly deals with the stress, anxiety and the pressures of life. Lyrically Tone is on point, as usual, coming up with some dope concepts and intense flows. He really delivers with the triple-time raps on here, flowing with a speed that is almost too fast to comprehend while simultaneously flexing his skills as an emcee, singer and songwriter. Hopefully the last two EP's are just as good or even better than this one. Check out the full album below.


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