Allen Poe - Pocket Full Of Ohms (Album)

Allen Poe, who is 1/3 of Frankfort, Kentucky's hip hop crew Basement Up, released his free album "Pocket Full Of Ohms" back on January 8th and its dope as hell. The album features appearances from Von Pea, yU, Sheisty Khrist, Emma Shaheen, Basement Up and others as well as production from J57, Nemo Achida, Foreign Allegiance, Brock Berrigan, Cody Jordan, Lofidel and ILL CLINTON and others. 
"Pocket Full Of Ohms, clearly a play on UGK's classic Pocket Full of Stones, is a record that attempts to account for my coming of age in what many consider hip hop's golden age (the 90's) and how hip hop influenced me as a person." 
The album is really ill the whole way through, with Allen Poe spitting fire over a variety of "golden era"-inspired instrumentals. Check out the full album below.


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