Mute Speaker - Take Yourself Apart (Album)

Brighton, UK producer Mute Speaker released his latest album, "Take Yourself Apart", back on January 1, 2014 and its quite dope. The album features appearances from Chris Clarke, J-Thorn, Gajah, Express Fresh, BeOND, Capsize, Gel Roc and Pause and is fully produced by Mute Speaker himself.
"My intentions of making a proper hip hop album with lots of guest featuring MC's finally began to come together toward the end of 2013," says Mute Speaker about the project. "I was lucky enough to meet LA MC Malkovich whilst travelling in southeast Asia, which led to some great new introductions - most noticably Chris Clarke, who appears on seven tracks on the album. After becoming a little tired of the current 'beat scene', it was always my plan to try and take the music back to what I enjoy the most - dusty,  heavy sample based boom bap beats - although there's always room for a little experimentation along the way."    
Dope shit. Peep it below.


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