Diamond D and Pharoahe Monch - Rap Life

D.I.T.C.'s Diamond D comes through with some visuals for the latest drop from his upcoming "The Diam Piece" album, which is set to drop some time this Spring. The song is called "Rap Life" and features Organized Konfusion's Pharoahe Monche doing his thing over the head nodding Diamond D instrumental. Also keep an eye out for Pharoahe Monch's upcoming "P.T.S.D" album, which is due out April 15th.

Verbal Skillz - Mankind (ft. Masta Ace)

UK emcee Verbal Skillz comes through with the first release from his "The Guillotine Album" in the form of some visuals for the track "Mankind." The song is produced by DJ Stix, features a guest appearance from hip-hop legend Masta Ace and is quite dope. Check out the video above and then cop or stream the full album below.

De La Soul - Smell The D.A.I.S.Y. (Da Inner Soul of Yancy)

De La Soul just released their latest mixtape, which features the legendary hip-hop trio spitting their  rhymes over unreleased J Dilla instrumentals over the course of the projects 11 tracks. The tape is titled "Smell The D.A.I.S.Y. (Da Inner Soul of Yancy)" and is available as a free BitTorrent download, which you can download here.
"With this project we just wanted to be creative. Dilla was always our muse for creativity. He was always that springboard, that person, that individual, that sound, that generated creation, generated inspiration.  He meant a lot to us and to Hip-Hop as a whole."
1) Let the King Ascend
2) Who (featuring Redman)
3) Dilla Plugged In
4) Goes the Word
5) Vocabulary Spills
6) The Pitch
7) Taking the Train
8) Leave Your Cares Behind
9) O'Shut Up
10) No More No Less
11) Marvin Jaye

SkyBlew - Window Seat On That Midnight Train

SkyBlew is a 23 year old hip-hop artist hailing from Chapel Hill, North Carolina who released his latest project, "Window Seat On That Midnight Train", back in September of 2013. I just recently had a chance to check out the project and its pretty dope. You can check out the full album, as well as a video for the track "Slice of Life" (which isn't actually on the album, but I was feelin' it), below.

Rome Cee - The M.E.D.S.

Baltimore hip-hop artist Rome Cee comes through with some visuals for his track, "The M.E.D.S.", which is a select cut from his "EarthSide" project. The video was shot by Kirby Griffin for 4th Eye Diaries and is "a collage of visual art is set around the inner workings of Baltimore and the industries of sports, film and entertainment." Peep the video above and then check out the full "EarthSide" project below.

KRS One - True School (prod DJ Jean Maron)

DJ Jean Maron is gearing up to release his upcoming album, titled "True School", this April and decided to put out the title track as the albums first single. The song features the legendary KRS-One doing his thing over an energetic instrumental that has a strong old school hip-hop feel to it. Very dope. "True School" is set to feature KRS-One, Mobb Deep, Kool G Rap, M.O.P., Onyx, Lords of The Underground and others and will be out on April 29th via Fat Beats.

CunninLynguists - Strange Journey Volume 3 (Album Review)

CunninLynguists - Strange Journey Volume 3 (Real Hip-Hop)

"Strange Journey Volume 3" is the latest album from hip-hop trio CunninLynguists, which currently consists of emcee/producers Deacon the Villain, Kno and Natti. The project features guest verses from Del the Funky Homosapian, Aesop Rock, Sadistik, J-Live, Zumbi (of Zion I) and others as well as production from Kno, Thomax and RJD2. It was set to be released on April 1, 2014 via APOS Music, but was eventually released early on March 25, 2014 as a "Name Your Price" project over on CunninLynguists website.

Cyne - All My Angles Are Right (Album)

Cyne is an alternative hip-hop group hailing from Gainesville, FL who recently released their sixth studio album, "All My Angles Are Right", via their Bandcamp page. The album features the singles "Avians" and "Tear For Uriah", both of which are real dope, and is probably the groups most experimental album to date. Cyne used to be comprised of two emcees (Akin and Cise Star) and two producers (Enoch and Speck), but I didn't hear a single rhyme from Akin on the entire project so I'm not sure whats going on there. Either way, the music on here is real dope and should definitely not be slept on. Peep it below.

The Cypher Effect - Cypher Session, MIC Checks and Music Video

The Cypher Effect is back again, this time with Season 3, Episode 1 of their cypher sessions, "Mic Check" sessions from Rics Rumble and Zaid Tabani as well as a new video from LReal. The first video (above) is for the Cypher Effect session and features freestyles from Bleezie, Nonames, LuzID, Krucial, HideandSeekZoo and Uptown Swuite over a Nonames instrumental.

Next up are the "Mic Check" sessions from Rics Rumble and Zaid Tabani, with Rics spitting over Method Man's "Bring the Pain" and Zaid sharing a song called "Risk" off of his "Limbo" EP.

The last video for the day is from Sheffield, UK emcee LReal, who comes through with some visuals for this track "Bleach."

CONFZ - What's the Point (Video)

CONFZ returns with a video for his track "What's The Point?", which features the East London emcee pondering the point of loving over a somber Canis Major instrumental. The song was actually recorded a year ago and will not appear on his upcoming album, but is being released now due to director Oliver Whitehouse (who has a vision for it):
"Oliver heard the song and came up with the visual concept which compliments it," explains CONFZ. "The visuals give a very artistic feel to the song and the story is very easy to follow. This is actually the first video where i'm not rapping to the camera but conveying a story."

Substance Abuse - Frontrow (Video)

Los Angeles duo Substance Abuse (consisting of emcees Eso Tre and Subz) dropped their "Background Music" LP back in late 2012, but I just now got a chance to check out the visuals for a track off of the album called "Frontrow." The video actually dropped a few months back, but the song is very dope so I decided to post it up for those that missed it like I did.

CunninLynguists - Castles (ft. Aesop Rock and Sadistik)

CunninLynguists return with the fourth sneak peek into their upcoming "Strange Journey Volume 3" project, which is set to be released on April 1st. The song is called "Castles" and features Deacon, Aesop Rock and Sadistik all spitting fire over an ethereal Kno instrumental. Like the other three previously released tracks, this shit is real dope and has got me really looking forward to the full album.

Wu-Tang Clan (ft. Nathaniel) - Keep Watch (Single)

Wu-Tang Clan just dropped the first official single from their upcoming "A Better Tomorrow" album and its pretty good. The song is called "Keep Watch" and features Method Man, Inspectah Deck, Cappadonna and GZA spitting bars over a soulful DJ Mathematics instrumental while Nathaniel provides the hook. "A Better Tomorrow" is due out later this summer.

Jason Anthony - Renovations

Jason Anthony (formerly Jay Sinificance) just dropped his latest project, "Renovations", over on his Bandcamp site earlier today and it's quite good. The album features production from Black Light Music, De Elusive and others, but most of the production is handled by Jason himself. Dope shit. Check it out below.

Frankenstein - The Projects (Remix)

Canadian rapper Frankenstein returns with another cut from his "The Science of Sound" compilation, which dropped today on Ill Adrenaline Records. The track is called "The Projects (Remix)" and was recorded and mixed back in 2000. Check out the single and then head on over to iTunes to pick up the full album.

Freddie Gibbs and Madlib - Piñata (Review)

Freddie Gibbs and Madlib - Pinata (Real Hip-hop)

"Piñata" is the first collaboration album between Gary, Indiana emcee Freddie Gibbs and Los Angeles producer Madlib. The album features guest appearances from Danny Brown, Raekwon, Scarface, Ab-Soul, Domo Genesis and others and is fully produced by Madlib himself. It was released on March 18, 2014 via Madlib Invazion.

Iron Braydz - Verbal sWARdz EP (Review)

Iron Braydz - Verbal sWARdz EP (Real Hip-hop)

"Verbal sWARdz" is the latest EP from UK and Triple Darkness emcee Iron Braydz. The EP features guest appearances from Sean Price, Prince Po, Cyrus Malachi, Solar Black, Ray Vendetta and others as well as production from Iron Braydz, Ringz of Saturn, Daniel Taylor and others. It is set to drop on April 14, 2014 on Unorthostract.

Awon and Phoniks - Blood In Blood Out (Video)

Awon & Phoniks recently dropped some visuals for one of my favorite tracks off of their "Return of the Golden Era" collaborative album. The video is for the track "Blood In Blood Out", which features Awon spitting some heartfelt street rhymes over a jazzy Phoniks instrumental that is sure to get you nodding your head. Very dope.

CunninLynguists - Beyond the Sun (ft. J-Live)

CunninLynguists return with the third offering from their upcoming "Strange Journey Volume Three" album, which is set to drop on April 1st. The song is called "Beyond The Sun" and features Deacon The Villain and J-Live trading verses over a spacey Kno instrumental. So far everything I've heard from the album is fire and this track is no exception.

Phesto Dee - Infrared Rum (Album)

Souls of Michief and Hieroglyphics emcee/producer Phesto Dee just dropped his latest project, "Infrared Rum", yesterday and its pretty good. The album has no guest features, but Phesto has always been a great lyricist so he needs no help there. The project is also fully produced by Phesto himself, giving the album a consistent sound throughout its 11 tracks. Peep it below.

Frankenstein (feat. Luminous) - The Roughtalk

Canadian rapper Frankenstein comes through with an unreleased gem from 1994 that will be featured on the upcoming 20-track Frankenstein compilation "The Science of Sound" as well as the upcoming 9-track Delphi Oracle (Frankenstein & AZ) "The Ill Laboratory" EP. The track is called "The Roughtalk" and is actually the second single from the album, with the first being "Just Write A Song", which was released a few weeks back. "The Science of Sound" has been completely re-mastered by Duncan Stanbury (Big L "Big Picture", Jay-Z "Reasonable Doubt", etc.) and will be in stores March 18th with "The Ill Laboratory" in stores May 13th / digital March 18th.

MKV and Adamatic - Changes

Chicago born emcee MKV (of Lucid Music) just released a collaboration album with producer Adamatic and its really dope. The album is called "Changes" and features MKV's "meaningful, personal, and uplifting lyrics" layered over Adamatic's "signature style of hip-hop production, which tends to be deep, melodic, and electronic influence." Peep the full album, as well as a video for the track "Joy & Pain", below.

Army of the Pharoahs - God Particle (Video)

Army of the Pharoahs come through with a video for their latest single "God Particle", which features verses from AOTP members Vinnie Paz, Planetary, Esoteric, Apathy and Celph Titled. The song is produced by Stu Bangas, with cuts by DJ Kwestion, and is the first single from the groups upcoming "In Death Reborn" album, which is set to drop on April 22nd via Enemy Soil.

Mobb Deep - Say Something (Single)

Mobb Deep just released the second single from their upcoming "The Infamous Mobb Deep" album, which is due out April 1st. The track is called "Say Something" and features Havoc and Prodigy spitting some rhymes over a dark !llmind instrumental. So far the album is sounding like its gonna be real good.

CunninLynguists - Dying Breed and In The City (feat. Zumbi of Zion I)

One of my favorite hip-hop groups, CunninLynguists, are gearing up to release their latest project, "Strange Journey Vol. 3", on April 1st and I can't wait to hear what they have in store for us this time. The group recently released two tracks from the album and both of them are bangers. The first song is called "Dying Breed" and features Deacon and Natti rhyming over a crazy Thomax instrumental. This shit is fire.

The second joint is called "In The City" and features Deacon sharing the mic with MC Zumbi (of Zion I) over a beautifully somber Kno instrumental. Very nice.

Check back for my full review of "Strange Journey Vol. 3" when it drops.

Black Pope (feat. Reef The Lost Cauze) - Dark Fantasy

UK emcee Black Pope just dropped his latest single, "Dark Fantasy", which features the upcoming emcee sharing the mic with underground rapper Reef The Lost Cauze as both emcees kick some rhymes over a ominous organ instrumental. The song is a cut off of his first full length album, "The Sinister Minister", which is set to drop on April 1, 2014.

Sotr Caf - One More Step EP

Iowa rapper/producer/turntablist Sotr Caf comes through with his latest project, "One More Step EP", and its quite dope. The EP is the first in a planned series of EP's that are set to be released through 2015. Pretty much all of the songs on the project are written and produced by Sotr Caf himself, with the versatile artist even playing the harmonica on some of the tracks. As far as the meaning of the EP, Sotr Caf says:
"I was wandering around aimlessly for a long time then one day I decided I was done wandering. One More Step means one more go around, one more step into the abyss, one more anything that's not what's behind me."
Dope shit. Peep it below.

John Bliss Lighten - Mind F**k (Video)

Josh Bliss Lighten is back yet again, this time with the latest video from his "Blessed Individual" project that was released back in January. The video is for the track "Mind F**k" and features the Massachusetts emcee rhyming about his feelings on the current state of hip-hop and the rap industry over a head nodding The Cratez instrumental.

Godz Chyld - Forever EP (produced by Jordan River Banks)

Bronx emcee Godz Chyld just dropped a collaborative EP with Godz Wrath producer Jordan River Banks and its banging. I mainly know Jordan River Banks from the crazy beats he supplied for Killah Priest's excellent "Psychic World of Walter Reed" album (as well as his tracks with Hell Razah, Shabazz the Disciple, Tragedy Khadafi, etc), but this is my first time hearing of Godz Chyld and I must say I'm impressed. The rhymes are tight and the beats are full of that signature Godz Wrath sound that I'm a huge fan of. Don't sleep on this one people.

Mobb Deep - Taking You Off Here (Video)

Queensbridge legends Mobb Deep just released a video for the first single from their upcoming "The Infamous Mobb Deep" album, which is due out April 1st. The song is called "Taking You Off Here" and features Hav and P doing their thing over a head nodding Havoc instrumental. The album is set to be a double disc album that will feature 17 new tracks on Disc 1 and then 14 unreleased Mobb Deep tracks on Disc 2. Peep the tracklisting below.

1. Taking You Off Here (Produced By Havoc)
2. Say Something (Produced By Illmind)
3. Get Down (feat. Snoop Dogg) (Produced By Havoc)
4. Dirt (Produced By Illmind)
5. Timeless (Produced By Beat Butcha)
6. All A Dream (feat. The LOX) (Produced By Ommas Keith)
7. Low (feat. Mack Wilds) (Produced By Seven Thomas, Havoc & Boi-1da)
8. Murdera (Produced By Illmind)
9. Check the Credits (Produced By Illmind)
10. Gimme All That (Produced By Havoc)
11. Legendary (feat. Bun B & Juicy J) (Produced By Havoc, Boi-1da & The Maven Boys)
12. Lifetime (Produced By Alchemist)
13. My Block (Produced By Kaytranada)
14. Henny (feat. Mack Wilds, Busta Rhymes and French Montana) (Produced By Havoc)
15. Conquer (Produced By Havoc)
16. Waterboarding (Produced By Havoc)
17. Get It Forever (feat. Nas) (Produced By Havoc)

The 1994 Infamous Sessions
1. Eye For An Eye (feat. Ghostface Killah, Raekwon & Nas) (Produced By Mobb Deep)
2. Skit (Produced By Mobb Deep)
3. Get It In Blood (Produced By Mobb Deep)
4. Gimme The Goods (Produced By Mobb Deep)
5. If It’s Alright (feat. Big Noyd) (Produced By Mobb Deep)
6. Skit Mobb Deep 1995 (Produced By Mobb Deep)
7. Survival of the Fittest (Produced By Mobb Deep)
8. Temperature’s Rising (Produced By Mobb Deep)
9. The Bridge (Produced By Mobb Deep)
10. Skit (Produced By Mobb Deep)
11. The Money (Produced By Mobb Deep
12. The Money Version 2 (Produced By Mobb Deep)
13. We About to Get Hectic (Produced By Mobb Deep)
14. The Infamous (Produced By Mobb Deep)

Ayatollah - The Love (feat. Inspectah Deck and Silent Knight)

Hip-hop producer Ayatollah is gearing up to release a new album, "Be Real Black for Me", on April 15th and I'm definitely looking forward to it. He recently dropped the B-Side to the first single up on Elementality Productions SoundCloud page and its banging. The track is called "The Love" and features Wu-Tang Clan's Inspectah Deck as well as newcomer Silent Knight spitting fire over a soulful instrumental. Peep the B-Side, as well as the full album tracklisting, below.

1) J Rocc Intro
2) Floating On the Van Wyck
3) Billions of Fans
4) I Just Love Music (feat. Anthony Hamilton)
5) Getting Up
6) Why Marry
7) George Duke Forever
8) Ms. Nyro
9) The Most Important Person
10) Rachel
11) The Game in a Headlock
12) Children Cry
13) Material Things
14) The Love (feat. Inspectah Deck & Silent Knight)
15) No God But You
16) Dream Big (feat. Jered Sanders)

Big K.R.I.T. - Egyptian Cotton

K.R.I.T. comes through with the latest track in his #WeekOfKRIT series, this time with the self produced "Egyptian Cotton." The beat on this one is real smooth, with a jazzy saxophone, some soft backing vocals and synths over the shuffling drums, and K.R.I.T. just kills it. Peep it below.

Onyx (ft Cormega and Papoose) - The Tunnel

Onyx teams up with Cormega and Papoose as all four emcees "take it back to The Tunnel" over a head nodding Snowgoons instrumental. The song seems to be the latest single from Onyx's upcoming "WAKEDAFUCUP" album, which is set to be released on March 9th. From what I've heard so far, the album is going to be fire.

Big K.R.I.T. - Wolf on Wallstreet

Today Big K.R.I.T. released the fourth track in his #WeekOfKRIT series, this time in the form of the song "Wolf on Wallstreet." The song is produced by Big K.R.I.T. and Childish Major and its banging. So far all four of the released songs have been real good, but this is one of my favorites. Peep it below.

The Dice Academy and The Lost Tapes - Uprising

The Dice Academy and claaa7 over on The Lost Tapes just dropped a crazy compilation project full of nothing but that head nodding, boom-bap sound that I'm a huge fan of. The project features new and previously unreleased joints from a wide variety of newcomers and veterans, ranging from Hell Razah and Da Beatminerz to MidaZ The Beast and Paranom & Purpose. This shit is absolute fire. Peep the tracklisting, as well as the full album, below.

01.) Silent Knight - This Is It [Remix] (Produced by Varan)
02.) Heavenly Cartel (Hell Razah & Tokyo Cigar) - Book of 7 Fists [Remix]
03.) Tony Moreaux - Numbers On The Board [Freestyle]
04.) DJ Duke & Spicco - Operation Condor (Produced by DJ Duke)
05.) Paranom & Purpose - Godiva (Produced By Purpose)
06.) Soundsci - Entrapment (Produced by Ollie Teeba) [of The Process]
07.) Tokyo Cigar & The Militia - Thin Rope (Produced By The Militia)
08.) ASN - Everybody Got It (Produced by Da Beatminerz)
09.) The Iceberg Theory - ARC [Interlude] (Produced by Tokyo Cigar)
10.) Keb0 - Downfall (Produced by Tokyo Cigar)
11.) Manti Carlo - Half of The Pie (Produced by M-Credible)
12.) Tony Moreaux - 3 AM in Lynne [Freestyle]
13.) Blue Legacy - Sushi (Produced by Tokyo Cigar)
14.) Blue Legacy - Benjamins [Freestyle] (feat. Iceberg Theory, Tokyo Cigar, Tony Moreaux, Frozenberg & Manti Carlo)
15.) Tribe of Judah - The Spill (Produced by Black Jeruz)
16.) Rasheed Chappell - Connect Thoughts [Remix] (Produced by Tokyo Cigar)
17.) Prince Original - Freestyle (Produced by Tokyo Cigar)
18.) MidaZ The Beast - F.N.U. (Produced By Tough Junkie)
19.) Tony Moreaux - Incarcerated Scarfaces [Freestyle]
20.) MF Grimm & Drasar Monumental - Time (Produced by Drasar Monumental)
21.) 7 G.E.M.S. (Tragic Allies & Tragedy Khadafi) & Roc Marciano - Presume The Unpredictable (Produced by Purpose)
22.) ASN - Calling Out [and the list goes on...] (Produced by Tokyo Cigar)

*Executive Produced by M-Credible (of M-Phatik Soundz)
*In Association with Gravity Control Music
*Arranged & Compiled by J. Ekberg and Tokyo Cigar

AKD and Deepstar (feat. AG) - No Mercy

UK emcee AKD and producer Deepstar come through with the first single from their upcoming album, "Universal Language", which will feature appearances from Masta Ace, Tragedy Khadafi, Sadat X, Rob Swift and others. The song is called "No Mercy" and features A.G. (of D.I.T.C), with both emcees kicking some ill rhymes over a head nodding instrumental.

Iron Braydz - Dredd (Video)

Triple Darkness emcee Iron Braydz just released a new video for his self produced track, "Dredd." The song is a cut off of his upcoming "Verbal sWARdz EP", which features verses from his fellow Triple Darkness members as well as Organized Konfusion's Prince Po, Sean Price, Kyza and Skriblah. "Verbal sWARdz" is set to be released on April 14th.

Stay In The Chase - The A (Southern Hospitality)

Hip-hop group Stay In The Chase (consisting of emcee Paul Jones, emcee/producer Murphy II and producer Jamal Press) are back, this time with a video for their latest single "The A (Southern Hospitality)". The track is just an ode to their hometown of Atlanta, GA and has a nice, smooth feel to it that I'm definitely feelin'. Peep it below.

The Alchemist and Budgie (ft. Prodigy and Roc Marciano) - In Heavens Home

The first single from the upcoming "BAU Presents: The Good Book" album just dropped and its banging. The song is called "In Heavens Home" and features verses from Prodigy and Roc Marciano over a mellow gospel sample instrumental. The mostly instrumental album is entirely centered around gospel samples and is produced by The Alchemist and Budgie (UK), but will also feature verses from Action Bronson, Domo Genesis, Blu, Prodigy, Roc Marciano, J Rocc, Mick Luter and A$ton Matthews. The project is limited to only 1,000 copies, so head on over to GetOnDown.com and pick yourself up a copy before they are gone.

Big K.R.I.T. - Conscious Effort

For the second entry of  #WeekOfKRIT, Big K.R.I.T. releases a quick freestyle over Hi-Tek’s soulful "Letter To The King" instrumental that was featured on Games "LAX" album. This was easily one of my favorite tracks off that album and K.R.I.T. sounds great over the laid back instrumental. Peep it below.

Marchitect - Where Im Going (Video)

Marchitect (from the Hip Hop group The 49ers) is back yet again, this time with a video for the track "Where Im Going." The song is a cut from his "Marc: My Words" album that was released back in September of 2013 and its dope as hell, featuring the emcee, producer and CEO of Yaheard.com spitting rhymes over a mellow boom-bap instrumental. Peep both the video and the full album below.

Shinobi Stalin - Invisible Man (Review)

Shinobi Stalin - Invisible Man (Real Hip-hop)

"Invisible Man" is the latest album from Orlando emcee Shinobi Stalin. The album features guest appearances from Roc Marciano, J Biz, Mike Rosa, Kap Kallous and The Vets Of Kin as well as production from Reeplay, Abbott, Tempermental and others. It was released on January 25, 2014 via Fly Def Music Group.

Mystic - Homage (Single)

Bay Area emcee Mystic returns with the first track I've heard from her in quite a while. The song is called "Homage" and features the emcee/singer paying homage to the classics over an ill Eligh instrumental.