Iron Braydz - Verbal sWARdz EP (Review)

Iron Braydz - Verbal sWARdz EP (Real Hip-hop)

"Verbal sWARdz" is the latest EP from UK and Triple Darkness emcee Iron Braydz. The EP features guest appearances from Sean Price, Prince Po, Cyrus Malachi, Solar Black, Ray Vendetta and others as well as production from Iron Braydz, Ringz of Saturn, Daniel Taylor and others. It is set to drop on April 14, 2014 on Unorthostract.

1) Intro - Skit.

2) Scorpion Sting (featuring Kyza) - The first song on the EP is self produced by Iron Braydz and it's got a sort of Wu-Tang-ish vibe going on with it, from the Kung-Fu samples interspersed throughout the instrumental to the somewhat bleak distorted electric guitar sample. The beat is real nice though and Iron Braydz sounds great over it, spitting some lyrical darts in an aggressive flow while Kyza provides the chorus. Dope way to kick off the EP. - 3.75/5

3) Crowbar (featuring Solar Black and Ray Vendetta) - The beat on this track, courtesy of Ringz of Saturn, features what sounds like another distorted guitar sample, but this time with an eerie vocal sample blended in to add some extra layers to the instrumental. Similar to the previous song, the beat on here has an uneasy feel to it and is pretty dense sonically. As far as the rhymes go, Braydz teams up with fellow Triple Darkness members Solar Black and Ray Vendatta as all three emcees spit some ill bars with socially conscious undertones. Nice. - 3.75/5

4) Millennium (featuring Prince Po) - Now this is dope. Daniel Taylor delivers a head nodding banger full of strings and flutes for Iron Braydz and Organized Konfusion's Prince Po to both come through and body. As on the previous two songs, the beat has a real dark, apocalyptic feel to it and both emcees just rip into it, spitting rhymes overflowing with vivid metaphors and intricate wordplay. This is my favorite song on here so far. Fire track. - 5/5

5) Dredd - This was the first song from the EP to receive a video and its pretty dope. The beat, by Iron Braydz himself, features some more electric guitars, organs and crowd ambiance giving it a sort of stadium feel. Lyrically Iron Braydz comes through and kicks some stories about the craziness and violence that happens everyday in the streets while also pointing out that nobody ever seems to want to address the issue. While its not my favorite track on here, it's still pretty good. - 3/5

6) Rambo (featuring Kyza and Skriblah) - This track begins with a short skit taken from "Rambo" before the self-produced Iron Braydz instrumental kicks in. The beat has a sort of depressive vibe to it, with a prominent vocal sample looped up over the boom-bap drums, but it starts to get a tad repetitive over the course of the song. Lyrically the track is better than the beat, with Braydz and guests Kyza and Skriblah all kicking some crazy battle raps full of military imagery and metaphors. Not bad. - 3.5/5

7) Firey Red (featuring Sean Price) - But this is better. Iron Braydz delivers an ominous instrumental full of sinister piano keys, epic horns and deep bass that has got my head nodding like crazy. As far as the lyrics go, you know both of these guys are just going to destroy the beat and they don't disappoint, with both emcees spitting their usual witty rhymes while issuing warnings to wack emcees. This is fire. - 4.5/5

8) Dobermans (featuring Phat Kat and DJ Shortee Blitz) - Agor comes through and delivers an instrumental full of rolling drums, a darker, ambient sample and spaced out synths that give the beat a unique feel on the EP so far. The instrumental is pretty good, but it doesn't really stack up when compared to the banging "Firey Red" despite the ill cuts by DJ Shortee Blitz. The rhymes, however, are quite good, as Iron Braydz calls on Detroit emcee Phat Kat and both emcees trade off verses while bragging about how they are Dobermans in this rap shit. Not bad. - 3/5

9) Rambo Relapse (featuring Kyza, Skriblah, Black Cripton and Solar Black) - This cut opens up with a different "Rambo" movie sample than the original track before kicking into the same beat and lyrics as the original song. The only real difference is new verses from Black Cripton and Solar Black, who both sound really good over the beat. - 3.5/5

10) Verbal sWARdz (featuring Cyrus Malachi) - The final song on the EP features an angelical vocal loop layered over boom-bap drums that will definitely get your head nodding. The track also finds Iron Braydz teaming up with fellow Triple Darkness member Cyrus Malachi as both emcees just rip the beat, sharpening their lyrical swords over the self-produced instrumental. This is another one of my favorite tracks on the EP. - 5/5

I'm going to rate the EP

3.75 / 5

because its quite good. Mostly all of the beats on the EP are self-produced by Iron Braydz and keep with the uneasy feel of the project. There is a lurking tension embedded in all of the instrumentals, as if the beats themselves were designed to keep the listener on edge. Shit's definitely dope though. As far as the rhymes go, Braydz and all of the guest features come correct on every song. There is literally not one single weak verse on the entire project, with many of the rhymes being filled with dense multisyllabic rhyme schemes the can make the lyrics hard to decipher at times. While the lack of catchy hooks and deep rhymes may alienate some casual listeners, it actually draws me in even further since there is always something new to discover upon repeated listens. Make sure you head on over to Iron Braydz' Bandcamp site to check out the album once its released on April 14th.


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