Marchitect - Genki

Marchitect - Genki (Real Hip-hop)

Marchitect (from the hip-hop group The 49ers) just keeps coming through with that dope shit and just released another solo EP a few days ago. The EP is called "Genki" and features the Yaheard Records emcee doing his thing over production from Japanese producer Shrimp as well as instrumentals by Marchitect himself. He recorded the project while on tour in Tokyo and describes the meaning behind the title of the EP as
"In Japanese genki means supreme, healthy, and good. If you woke up made a fresh beat, ate a fresh meal, then jogged around the block three times, yeah you were feeling genki... I boxed 4 rounds in the gym, and then took the album cover photo.
Very nice. Peep it below.


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