Meyhem Lauren and Buckwild - Silk Pyramids (Review)

Meyhem Lauren - Silk Pyramids (Review) (Real hip-hop)

"Silk Pyramids" is a collaborative project between Queens hip-hop artist Meyhem Lauren and Buckwild (of D.I.T.C). The album features guest appearances from Action Bronson, AG Da Coroner, Troy Ave, P.F. Cuttin and others and is fully produced by Buckwild himself. It was released on May 27, 2014 via Thrice Great Records.

1) 100 MPH (featuring Action Bronson) - The first song on the album features an ill vocal loop and falling pianos layered over drums that got me nodding my head right out the gate. The beat is banging and both Meyhem Lauren and Action Bronson sound great over it, kicking some of their usual boastful rhymes full of crazy references and imagery. Dope way to kick off the album. - 4/5

2) Love and Loyalty - This track features Meyhem Lauren going solo over a harder instrumental with some menacing horns, threatening strings and pianos. The beat is real nice and Meyhem rips it, rapping about friendship and being loyal to his crew. Another dope track. - 4/5

3) Q.U. Cartilage (featuring P.F. Cuttin) - The beat on this song is much less intense than the one on the previous song, with Buckwild delivering an instrumental full of soft pianos, the occasional sweeping string selection and some ill scratching by P.F. Cuttin on the chorus. As on the past few tracks, the beat is dope and Meyhem rips it, this time spitting about life in Queens. Very nice. - 4/5

4) Salmon Croquettes (featuring AG Da Coroner) - Meyhem Lauren shares the mic with fellow Outdoorsmen AG Da Coroner as both emcees spit fire over an energetic organ instrumental. The beat is hard as hell and both emcees rip it, spitting bars full of witty punchlines and just general shit talking. This ones a banger. - 4.5/5

5) Can't Fuck 'Em All - The beat on this track features another ill instrumental centered around a chopped up soul sample that Meyhem comes through and spits some sex rhymes over. The beat is real nice and Meyhem comes correct over it, but I'm not feelin' this track quite as much as the others so far. Still, not bad by any means. - 3/5

6) Narcotics Anonymous (featuring Heems) - Meyhem and Das Racist emcee Heems link up over a darker instrumental with some synths and an uneasy feeling vocal loop. The beat has a real bleak feel to it that meshes nicely with drug heavy rhymes by both emcees. Dope. - 4/5

7) Honey Champagne Sorbet - In sharp contrast to the previous song, the instrumental on this joint features a chopped up jazz sample that has some soaring strings and horns that give the beat a real carefree vibe. The beat is real nice and Meyhem rips it, kicking his usual boastful rhymes full of food references that always seem to make me hungry. Nice. - 4/5

8) Street Hop (featuring Troy Ave and Retch) - This song ups the energy level a little after the more easygoing previous song as Buckwild comes with a harder instrumental with an ill sample and scratches on the chorus. The beat is banging but the rhymes are not quite up to par, with Troy Ave sounding alright before Meyhem Lauren comes in and rips it. Retch's verse is pretty good, but Meyhem takes this track easily. Despite the weaker verses, this is still a pretty dope song. - 4/5

9) Aztec Blue (featuring Hologram) - I believe this song uses the same sample as "Odd Toddlers" off of Tyler, the Creators "Bastard" mixtape, but I may be way off on that. Regardless, the beat on here is definitely one of my favorites on the album and both Meyhem and guest Hologram body it. This one is fire. - 5/5

10) I Need It All - Meyhem Lauren raps about "needing the whole world" over a crazy instrumental with some plucked strings, synths and what sounds like organs. Lyrically Meyhem rips it, but the beat doesn't hit quite as it should after the insanely dope previous track. Still, not bad. - 3.5/5

11) Where the $ At (featuring Thirstin Howl III) - Buckwild delivers a hard ass instrumental for Meyhem and hip-hop veteran Thirstin Howl III to spit over. The energy level on this cut is turned way up and Meyhem rides the beat beautifully, but Thirstin's flow almost sounds lethargic when compared to the intensity Meyhem brings. That said, I'm still feelin' this one. - 3.5/5

12) Silk Shirts and Yellow Gold - I believe this song was one of the singles released in promotion of the album and its real nice. The beat sounds like something Havoc might produce, with some perilous keys that make the instrumental sound like "night." As far as the rhymes go, Meyhem comes through and spits some vivid rhymes about life in Queens. I'm really feelin' it when he spits
"Disturbed lies, frequency speaking the truth
It's whatever fam, we can share wisdom or shoot
Staring out the window looking at the soul of the community
But niggas probably think I'm grilling so they want to shoot at me"
Very dope. - 4/5

13) Been Official - The final song on the album features Meyhem Laruen rapping about how real he is over another ill vocal loop by Buckwild. The beat and rhymes on this cut are both real dope and act as a nice way to close out the album. - 4/5

I'm going to rate the album

4 / 5

because its really good. Buckwild's production on here is crazy, with almost every song having a smooth feel while keeping it boom-bap and gritty at the same time. It's sad that Buck has been holding it down for all these years and yet you rarely hear him mentioned in anyone's "greatest hip-hop producers of all time" lists. Lyrically the album fares just about as well as the beats, with Meyhem murdering pretty much every track on here. A few of the guest verses are not quite as strong as some of the others, but there are no verses on the album that end up ruining the track for me. All in all "Silk Pyramids" is definitely a banger and should not be missed. Hopefully Meyhem and Buckwild team up again in the future since they definitely delivered with this project.


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