Raw Product - Supplying The Demand (Review)

Raw Product - Supplying The Demand (Review) (Real Hip-Hop)

"Supplying The Demand" is the debut project from UK hip-hop group Raw Product (consisting of emcee Mista Flix and producer Stealf). The EP features guest appearances from Micall Parknsun, Cappo, Jehst and Twizzy while all production is handled by Stealf himself. It is set to be released on May 30, 2014 via De Facto Entertainment.

1) Intro - Skit.

2) Count Me In - The first song on the album features an instrumental that sounds like it came straight out of the dungeons of hip-hop, with a murky sample layered over boom-bap drums that definitely got my head nodding. The beat is real dope and Mista Flix comes correct over it, spitting some boastful rhymes about his mic skills and about how Raw Products style is reminiscent of the styles heard during the golden age of hip-hop. Very nice track. - 4/5

3) Sicksteen (featuring Micall Parknsun) - Mista Flix teams up with UK emcee Micall Parknsun as both emcees rap about how sick their rhymes are over another instrumental that sounds like its straight out of the 90's. The beat is real nice, with a darker sample and a hard cymbal over the boom-bap drums, and both emcees sound great over it. Another ill track. - 4/5

4) Hide & Seek - The beat on this track keeps with the menacing feel of the album so far and is centered around some ominous pianos, sinister synths, flutes and hard ass drums. The rhymes on here are just as good as the beat, with Mista Flix spitting some more battle raps about how ill Raw Product is while meshing nicely with the tone of the instrumental. Yet another dope track. - 4/5

5) Major Weight (Made Ya Wait) (featuring Cappo) - Stealf delivers yet another darker instrumental, this time using a sample that I know I've heard before but can't place for some reason. Eh, whatever. The beat is ill and Mista Flix and guest Cappo both flow nicely over it, rapping about pushing more of that dope "raw product" while Jabba Tha Kut scratches it up on the chorus. Very nice. - 4/5

6) Akaimatics - Mista Flix spits some more braggadocios rhymes over another harder instrumental with a nice guitar riff and boom-bap drums. As with the rest of the album, the beats and rhymes on this cut are real dope and come together very nicely. I must admit that some of the music on here is reminding me of one of my favorite 'golden era hip-hop' albums ("Elementalz" by The Brotherhood) and that's a good thing. - 3.5/5

7) Choose Your Weapon (featuring Jehst) - This track was the first official single released in promotion of the album and its just happens to be one of my favorite songs on the project. The beat is fire, with a crazy sample layered over head nodding drums and cuts by Jabba Tha Kut, and Mista Flix and Jehst both rip it. This ones definitely a banger. - 4.5/5

8) Now You Know (featuring Twizzy) - The final song on the EP is actually a bonus track that will only be available on the physical copies of the album. The song is real nice though, with a dope beat consisting of foreboding synths, horns and fluttery flutes over the head nodding drums. As far as the rhymes go, both Mista Flix and Bristol emcee Twizz attack the beat while displaying some nice chemistry together on the mic. Yet another ill track. - 4/5

I'm going to rate the album


because it's consistently dope the whole way though. The production on the project is banging, with Stealf delivering instrumentals that feel like they came straight out of hip-hop's golden era without sounding dated in any way. Lyrically the project is just as strong, with Mista Flix spitting a variety of boastful and aggressive battle raps while flowing nicely over Stealf's head nodding instrumentals. Despite most of the songs on "Supplying The Demand" basically being battle raps over darker beats, every track ends up fitting nicely into the "delivering the raw product" theme of the album without sounding like rehash of the previous track. Overall, the project is real good and should not be missed. Pick it up over on Raw Product's Bandcamp page.


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