Canibus - Fait Accompli (Album Review)

Canibus - Fait Accompli (Album Review) (Essence of Hip-Hop)

"Fait Accompli" is the latest album from veteran hip-hop artist Canibus. The album features guest appearances from Tragedy Khadafi, Killah Priest, Kurupt, Ras Kass, Crooked I and others and is fully produced by JP Beats. It was released on June 10, 2014 via RBC Records.

1) Star Spangled Banger (Intro) - Skit.

2) Fait Accompli - The first song on the album begins with an extended skit before the beat finally kicks in and Canibus starts rhyming. The instrumental is pretty nice, with some synths and vocals over militant horns, and Canibus spits the fire that he has always been known for, but the skit at the beginning of the track and during the chorus goes on for way too long and drags the song down a little for me. Still, not bad by any means (once it actually starts). - 3/5

3) Yellow Line - Skit.

4) Pay Me In Gold - This track was the first song released in promotion of the album and it's ok I guess. I wasn't really feelin' the beat the first few times I listened to the song, but it started to grow on me a tad after a few more listens. Lyrically the song is much better, however, with Canibus rhyming about government corruption and economic/monetary issues in his usual aggressive flow. Again, the skit at the beginning of the song drags on a little too long and brings the song down a bit in combination with the somewhat generic instrumental. - 2.5/5

5) This Ain't The Movies - This cut beings with yet another extended skit intro before Canibus finally comes in over a minute and a half into the song, but once he does he rips it. The beat on here doesn't fare quite as well as the rhymes do, however, with some uneasy synths and rolling drums that sound kind of bland to me. So far the rhymes on the album are head and shoulders above the production in my opinion. - 2.75/5

6) The Primary Axiom - Now this is much better. I believe this was the second single released in promotion of the album and it's a banger, with Canibus spitting fire over an energetic synth-based instrumental. The beat is real nice and Canibus sounds great over it, intro skit and all. This is easily my favorite track on here so far and shows that Canibus still has it after all these years in the hip-hop game. Very dope. - 4/5

7) Orange Line - Skit.

8) Dyson's Fear of Spheres - After yet another intro skit running over a minute long, JP Beats comes through and delivers a bleak instrumental full of what sounds like low volume choir vocals and keyboards that are very similar in vibe to some of the other beats on the album so far. The production on this one is pretty good and Canibus comes correct with the rhymes over it. Not bad. - 3/5

9) The Principle of Equivalence - Canibus kicks some more conspiracy and battle raps raps over a nice piano and horn instrumental that's got my head nodding a bit. Bis has been rhyming his ass off on this project and this cut is no exception, but luckily the beat is a little better this time as well. It does start too repetitive before the song ends, but this is kinda nice regardless. - 3/5

10) The Rude Boy Oscars - This joint begins with yet another very long skit before the beat finally kicks in and, once it does, it's pretty dope. The beat is real dark, with some spacey synths and hard ass drums, and Canibus just rips it (as should be expected by now). This song is real nice, but the skits are definitely bringing down my enjoyment of the songs. Still, I'm feelin' this one. - 4/5

11) Sinflation - JP Beats delivers another real dope instrumental that has a cinematic feel and turns out to be another of my favorites on the album. Lyrically Canibus sounds perfect over the beat, rapping about the American economy, inflation and how the government controls the flow of money (among many other things). I'm feelin' the beat and rhymes on this one as well. Dope. - 4/5

12) Red Line - Skit.

13) The Last Christians - This track also has a darker synth-based instrumental that sounds pretty good at first, but then starts to get a bit repetitive over the course of the 9 and a half minutes of songs run-time. Canibus raps pretty hard the entire time, but there are good chunks of the song that are made up of more of the skits so prevalent throughout the album. This could have been much better without the skits and maybe a beat change-up or two similar to "Poet Laureate II" off of the "Rip The Jacker" album. Eh, not bad I guess, but I was hoping for more. - 3/5

14) God$Les$ America - JP Beats comes through with another of my favorite instrumentals on the album, featuring a beautiful beat full of sweeping strings and deep bass. The instrumental is real nice and Canibus bodies it, spitting more rhymes full of government conspiracies and such. This one is real dope. - 4/5

15. Historic (featuring The 4 Horsemen and Tragedy Khadafi) - This song was released a few days back and it's real dope. Lyrically the song is just phenomenal, with hip-hop veterans Ras Kass, Canibus, Kurupt, Killah Priest and Tragedy Khadafi all spitting fire. The beat and hook isn't quite as good as the rhymes, although both have grown on me a lot after repeated listens. Hopefully a full 4 Horsemen album is in the works because this is fire. - 4/5

16) The Future - Canibus spits some rhymes about "seeing humankind rise" and about hoping for a positive future over an instrumental full of frantic synths and hard hitting bass. I'm not really feelin' the vocal punch in's and distortions on this track and the beat doesn't really do much for me either. Eh, this one is just ok. - 2/5

17) Star Spangled Banger (Outro) - The final song on the album features a short skit intro before Canibus comes in and spits some bars over an instrumental full of distorted electric guitars. I'm not feelin' the beat on this one at all and the rhymes can't even save it. Bleh. - 1.5/5

I'm going to rate the album

3 / 5

because it has some dope music on it, but it is hampered by some weaker beats and way to many skits. It's true, the skits are part of the theme of the album and help to tie the tracks together, but they are way too long and definitely detract from the music for me. It would have been much better if they were included at the end of the songs instead of at the beginning, which would give me the chance to skip them if I wanted to. As far as the production on the album, the beats on here are pretty hit-or-miss throughout. It starts off kind of feebly before really picking up near the middle and closer to the end of the album before falling off again at the very end. None of the beats are terrible, per say, but only a few of them really jump out at me as being amazing. As far as the rhymes go, they are easily the best part of the album, with Canibus absolutely ripping every single verse he spits on here. He has been in the hip-hop game for years now and it definitely shows with how smoothly he flows over the instrumentals. His verses are densely packed full of vivid imagery and intricate wordplay, all while keeping with the albums theme of conspiracy theories and about how the public only focuses on things that do not really matter in the overall scheme of things. Too bad the lyrics are partially overshadowed by the abundant skits and inconsistent beats. Still, there is some really great material on here that should not be missed.


  1. The 'vocal punch-ins' on The Future are because it is a PLoo mix.

    1. Yeah. I enjoy the concept of PLoo mixes, but I just didn't like the execution/beat on this one.