Fel Sweetenberg and DJ Brans - The Invisible Garden (Review)

Fel Sweetenberg and DJ Brans - The Invisible Garden (Essence of Hip-Hop)

"The Invisible Garden" is the latest album from Dirt Platoon's unofficial third member, Fel Sweetenberg. The album features guest appearances from Almighty and Dirt Platoon and is fully produced by French hip-hop producer DJ Brans. It was released on April 21, 2014 via Effiscienz.

1) In A Dream, I Saw - The first song on the album finds Fel Sweetenberg rapping about his hometown of Camden, NJ over a sorrowful, yet beautiful, instrumental by DJ Brans. The beat has a real somber feel to it and the lyrics vividly portray life in one of the most dangerous cities in America. This one's a banger and is a great way to kick off the album - 4.5/5

2) Power Stricken - The beat on this cut is much more energetic than the first, with DJ Brans delivering a head nodding instrumental with sampled strings and an ill bass riff while DJ Djaz cuts it up on the chorus. The beat is fire and Fel Sweetenberg rips it, showing off his mic skills and spitting some boastful rhymes in a smooth flow. Very dope track. - 4.5/5

3) Drinkin' Again - This track is much more depressing than the previous song, with Fel rapping about his problems with alcohol over a murky instrumental. The rhymes on here are real personal and the beat compliments the introspective theme of the track nicely. Very nice. - 3.75/5

4) The Name Itself - Fel Sweetenberg spits some more braggadocios rhymes over a soulful chopped up vocal loop with strings layered on top of boom-bap drums. The beat and rhymes are dope and the cuts by DJ Djaz make it even better. Nice. - 4/5

5) The Corrupt - DJ Brans comes through with another head nodding instrumental, this time with a crazy sample full of ambient strings and guitars. As usual, the beat is dope and Fel Sweetenberg rips it, kicking some aggressive battle raps while DJ Djaz kills it with the cuts at the end. - 4/5

6) Tomorrow's In The Stars - Fel kicks some graphic story raps about how life can go wrong over a bleak instrumental with a looped up vocal sample and guitars over stomping drums. Once again, the beat is real nice and Fel sounds great over it as he vividly paints a picture in your mind with his rhymes. Dope. - 3.75/5

7) Hyena's Den (featuring Almighty) - The beat on this track has a real uneasy feel, with some distressing strings and a punchy soul sample over lively drums. The instrumental definitely sounds unique on the album and both emcees rip it with some aggressive rhymes while DJ Djaz kills it with the cuts yet again. - 4/5

8) Good = Love - DJ Brans delivers a beautiful instrumental on this joint that is mainly centered around a stirring string loop with the occasional vocal sample. The beat has a much lighter feel than many of the other instrumentals on here and Fel Sweetenberg's lyrics reflect that tone as he spits some uplifting rhymes about love and life. Very nice. - 4.5/5

9) The End Of The Book (featuring Dirt Platoon) - The final cut on the album features Fel teaming up with Raf Almighty and Snook Da Crook over a hard ass instrumental that should definitely get your head nodding. The beat is fire and everyone rips it, spitting some aggressive rhymes in their usual hostile flows. Another banger. - 4.5/5

10) Shoutro - This is just Fel shouting out some of his favorite hip-hop artists over a nice piano instrumental. No score for this one since its really just a skit.

I'm going to rate the album

4.25 / 5

because it's definitely a banger. DJ Brans cements himself as one of my current favorite hip-hop producers on here while crafting instrumentals ranging from gritty street bangers to more emotional and depressing beats. The production compliments Fel Sweetenberg's energetic flow and vivid rhymes perfectly, as the Camden, NJ / Philly, PA emcee raps about pretty much everything from the violence in his home town to just straight up spitting some battle raps. I'm feelin' just about every track on here and am definitely looking forward to hearing more from these two.


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