Ka and Preservation - 1200 B.C. (Review)

Ka and Preservation - 1200 B.C. (Essence of Hip-Hop)

"1200 B.C." is a collaborative EP between Brownsville emcee Ka and hip-hop producer Preservation. The album features a guest appearance from Roc Marciano and is fully produced by Preservation himself. I'm not sure on the exact release date, but I know it was made available for order over on Ka's website just a few days back.

1) The Maestro - Skit.

2) Still Heir - The first track on the EP features a bleak instrumental that has a stifling feel to it, as if the beat itself is stagnant and dense. The instrumental is dope as hell though and Ka rips it, starting off the track with the hook -
"Raised in ruins
Rage is the influence
Soul of sins
Still heir (air), no winds"
As usual with Ka, the lyrics are deep and full of double meanings, painting a depressing picture of life in the streets while spitting in his trademark "spoken poetry" type flow. This shit is fire and has me hyped to hear the rest of the project. - 4.5/5

3) Fall Of The Bronze (New Iron) (featuring Roc Marciano) - Well damn. This song is more of a snippet than a full track since it fades out during Ka's verse and left me fiending for more. Still, the minute and a half or so of music we got on here is fire, with Roc spitting an incredible first verse and Ka following up over a minimalistic guitar loop. I've said it before and I'll say it again - their upcoming collaborative project (under the moniker "Metal Clergy") is going to be serious. - 4.5/5

4) Years - Preservation delivers another crazy instrumental on this joint, with a sample that seems to stretch on forever with echos of the past coming in every now and then. Like the previous two songs, the beat has a depressing feel to it and Ka sounds great over it, spitting some reflective bars about his life thus far and about growing wiser with age. Beautiful. - 4.75/5

5) To Hull And Back - The final song on the EP is probably my favorite track on here, with Ka kicking some more poetic street rhymes over a mournful instrumental that had me nodding my head like crazy despite the lack of driving drums. The lyrics on this track are extremely vivid, as Ka spits -
"You named them hustlers, killers, fiends, ex-cons
I called them cousins, aunts, pops, moms
To you? Hoodlums, crackheads, gunmens
To me? Just neighbors, classmates, young friends"
This shit is absolute fire. - 5/5

I'm going to rate the EP

4.5 / 5

because the whole project is really dope. Preservation definitely came correct with the production on this EP, with every beat having a dismal and gritty feel while still managing to remain beautiful at the same time. Lyrically Ka never disappoints and he definitely does not here, spitting more of his usual vivid street rhymes in his distinct flow. Every time I listen to the project I pick up on something new due to the double meanings and denseness of his rhymes. That, coupled with the minimalistic beats and deft wordplay that makes the project so great, almost guarantees that it will get overlooked by the masses (which is probably just fine with Ka since he makes music for the love, not the fame). Don't sleep on this one folks. Pick it up from Ka himself over on his website.


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