Kid Vishis - Timing is Everything (Album Review)

Kid Vishis - Timing is Everything (Album Review) (Essence of Hip-Hop)

"Timing is Everything" is the debut album from Detroit hip-hop artist Kid Vishis. The album features a guest appearance from Royce da 5'9'' (who is Kid Vishis' older brother) as well as production from Mr Porter, Chase Moore, Nick Zervos and Nemisis. It is set to be released on July 22, 2014 via Seven 13 Entertainment.

1) T.I.E. Timing Is Everything Intro - The album begins with the title track of the project and it's pretty dope. The beat, courtesy of Nick Zervos, is very energetic and is full of fervent strings and blaring horns over synths, chants and rapid-fire hi-hats. Lyrically Kid Vishis comes through and spits some humorous battle raps, just kind of boasting about his mic skills and such. Dope track. - 3.5/5

2) Message To The Mc's - Kid Vishis sons all of his competition with the extended metaphor of "marrying hip-hop" and making "all you bitches sons of Vishis" over an energetic Mr Porter instrumental. The beat starts off with the same sample as Cormega's "R U My Nigga?" before switching up to a synth heavy instrumental with the occasional string section that's pretty dope. Lyrically the song is nice as well, making this one another ill track. - 3.75/5

3) Look At All My Sh!t - Similar to the past few songs, the beat on this track is full of energy and is mainly synth-based with some extra backing vocals thrown in to add more depth to the instrumental. As far as the rhymes go, Kid Vishis comes through and spits some tongue-in-cheek rhymes basically mocking the commercial aspects of hip-hop. Nice. - 3.5/5

4) Beautiful Day - Chase Moore delivers a breezy instrumental with some airy flutes, light synths and a sprinkle of piano keys for Kid Vishis to spit some motivational rhymes over. The beat is real nice and the rhymes have a positive message behind them - get your money the right way. Dope. - 4/5

5) Big Brothers - The beat on this track, also courtesy of Chase Moore, has a sped up vocal sample and keyboards layered over trunk-rattling bass. The beat hits hard and Kid Vishis sounds pretty good over it, rapping about his family and the role models he had while growing up. Another good track. - 3.5/5

6) Talk Behind My Back - Kid Vishis addresses the haters over another hi-octane Chase Moore instrumental that has a sort of rock feel to it, with some upbeat drums and distorted electric guitars. This was one of the singles released in promotion of the album and it's pretty dope. - 3.5/5

7) The Juice - Mr Porter returns on the production tip and delivers a hard-hitting instrumental with some more distorted electric guitars and a crazy sample that sounds somewhat similar in vibe to the previous track. Lyrically Kid Vishis comes through and spits some boastful battle raps while sampling 2Pac's Bishop on the chorus. Dope track. - 3.5/5

8) In Yo Face - The beat on this track is produced by Nemisis and it may just be the most energetic beat yet, having a sort of EDM/Dubstep feel to it. Kid Vishis easily keeps up with the extremely hype instrumental however, kicking some more braggadocios rhymes in a quick flow similar to that of his older brother Royce. Nice. - 3.25/5

9) Heaven - The second and final Nemisis produced track on the album has a more aggressive feel to it than the previous one, with a sped-up vocal sample and synths over stomping drums. The beat hits real hard and Vishis sounds good over it, kicking some battle raps full of religious imagery and references. I'm really feelin' this one. - 4/5

10) Birds Eye View - Chase Moore is back to handle production duties on this track, this time coming with another ill instrumental full of pianos, distorted vocals, rapid-fire hi-hats and soaring synths. The beat and rhymes on here are consistent with the rest of the project, as Kid Vishis addresses the haters and fake thugs that never seem to respect him. Nice. - 3.5/5

11) Coward (featuring Royce da 5'9'') - The final track on the album features Kid Vishis teaming up with his older brother (hip-hop veteran Royce da 5'9'') as both emcees rip a head nodding Chase Moore instrumental. The beat has a darker feel to it than some of the others and both emcees sound great over it, spitting some aggressive rhymes full of witty punchlines and wordplay. - 3.5/5

I'm going to rate the album

3.5 / 5

because there is some quality material on here. The beats are pretty consistent throughout, with mostly all of them bringing a high energy level and being a little heavy on the synth/keyboard side. The production is still quite enjoyable though, and I found myself nodding my head to quite a few of the instrumentals. As far as the rhymes go, Kid Vishis really impressed me on here. He changes up the topics and subject matter on almost every song, while still coming with aggressive rhymes and boastful battle raps at the same time. This keeps the album feeling fresh and gives each of the songs its own unique identity, which is something that is missing from a lot of hip-hop albums nowadays. All in all, the album is quite entertaining and it's short length left me wanting more.


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