Spok Beats - Lions9 (Instrumental Album)

Spok Beats - Lions9 (Instrumental Album) (Real Hip-Hop)

Spok Beats is a hip-hop producer coming out of Southern Cali who recently released his instrumental album, "Lions9", back on May 24th and it's real dope. The album features a variety of instrumentals, from gritty boom-bap bangers to more jazzy productions and everything in between. In fact, Spok Beats describes the project as an "album that ranges from hip hop to dub and a lot of live instruments." If you are looking for some ill hip-hop production with some experimental sounds thrown in, make sure you peep the album below.


  1. Thank you for your support rap essence much appreciated!!

    1. No problem. Keep making that dope shit.

  2. Hands down the dopest projects I have stumbled upon this year! Insanely creative and no filler.. all dope.