7evenThirty - The Problem (Review)

7evenThirty - The Problem (Essence of Hip-Hop)

"The Problem" is the sophomore album from Mello Music Group emcee 7evenThirty. The album features a guest appearance from Sean Price and is fully produced by veteran hip-hop producer Gensu Dean. It was released on July 8, 2014 via Mello Music Group.

1) Facing The Problem (featuring Gensu Dean) - Skit.

2) Roach Spray - The first song on the album finds 7evenThirty kicking some boastful rhymes over a gritty distorted electric guitar sample and light cymbals. The beat is good enough and the rhymes are on point, with 7evenThirty letting the competition know he is "coming for their head." Nice way to start off the album. - 3/5

3) Russian Revolver - Gensu Dean delivers a much more energetic instrumental on this cut than the one on the previous track, with a vocal sample, strings, horns, and what sounds like a xylophone over animated drums. The beat is ill and 7evenThirty rips it, talking more shit about how dope he is and spitting his rhymes in a rapid-fire flow. - 3.5/5

4) Foot On The Ground - 7evenThirty bodies another lively instrumental, this time with a funky bassline and a sped up sample. The beat has a real bouncy feel to it and 7evenThirty's flow over it is crazy as he kicks some slightly whimsical and lighthearted rhymes. I'm really feelin' this one. - 4/5

5) $ Stacks & Body Bags - The beat on this track is a little darker than the past few and actually has a kind of mainstream vibe to it. Lyrically the song isn't quite as good as the others either, with 7evenThirty just spitting some more braggadocios rhymes. His flow is nuts, but this one is just ok for me. - 2.5/5

6) Generation Why - This cut finds 7evenThirty rapping about the problems of the current generation over a dope string and synth based instrumental. This seems to be the first song on the project that really deals with the albums theme of the problems of world today, with 7evenThirty touching on everything from Generation Y's habit of popping pills to their lack of attention spans. Nice. - 3.5/5

7) Making Of A Vigilante - 7evenThirty kicks a story rap about a woman who turns into a vigilante after being abused by a man she just met online and decided to meet in person. The beat is appropriately dark, with a distorted guitar and vocal sample, and the subject matter is a nice change from the norm. Dope. - 3/5

8) Off The Grid - Gensu Dean comes through with another beat centered around some distorted keys and a vocal sample. The instrumental is pretty dope and 7evenThirty sounds good over it as he kicks some conspiracy theory rhymes. This one is real short though, clocking in at just under a minute and a half. Still, not bad. - 3/5

9) Better Give 'Em Sumthin' - 7evenThirty kicks some socially conscious and personal rhymes about his life and struggles over a reverberation guitar sample and head nodding drums. The beat is real nice and 7evenThirty comes correct over it with his rhymes. Dope track. - 4/5

10) Hook Heavy (featuring Sean Price) - This was one of the singles released in promotion of the album and its real dope. The beat is dark as hell and both 7evenThirty and B.C.C.'s Sean Price sound great over it, kicking some of their usual rhymes full of humorous punchlines about how dope they are. I'm diggin' this one. - 4/5

11) The Problem - The beat on this joint also has a darker feel to it, with Gensu Dean delivering another ill instrumental full of atmospheric guitars, resonant percussion and what sounds like live drums. Lyrically the track is dope as well, with 7evenThirty kicking some conscious rhymes about the problems of the world today and even singing the hook. I'm especially feelin' the rhymes about how rap is blamed for everything negative while the "sex, drugs and rock-n-roll" are just part of the culture. Dope track. - 4/5

12) Filthy Rich - The final song on the project features 7evenThirty rapping about being on his grind and trying to stack that paper over an easygoing horn instrumental. The beat is real nice and 7evenThirty sounds great over it. It's not my favorite track on here, but it's still pretty dope. - 3.5/5

I'm going to rate the album

3.5 / 5

because it's quite good. Gensu Dean really came through nicely with the production on here, delivering a variety of instrumentals ranging from dark, gritty bangers ("Hook Heavy", "The Problem") to more lighthearted and whimsical beats ("Foot On The Ground"). Lyrically the album is just as good, with 7evenThirty changing up his flow on almost every track and rapping about a handful of socially conscious topics such as the problems facing Generation Y. While I'm not feelin' the project quite as much as 2012's "Heaven's Computer" (mainly because I'm a sucker for space concept albums), the album is still really dope.


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