Stealf - Sling Me Down (Album)

Stealf - Sling Me Down (Essence of hip-hop)

UK hip-hop producer Stealf just dropped his latest instrumental EP earlier today via the De Facto Entertainment label and it's really dope. The EP is called "Sling Me Down" and consists of 8 instrumentals that had me nodding my head the whole time. A few of the cuts use familiar samples (such as "Carbonated Daze" chopping up the same track as Smif-N-Wessun's classic "Stand Strong"), but Stealf always manages to put his own unique spin on the sample to make it sound fresh. As far as inspiration for the project, Stealf says
“I’ve wanted to put out an instrumental project for a while now and after working on numerous other releases, I decided to put together a collection of beats that represent my contribution to the De Facto sound” 
Dope shit. Peep the full album, as well as a video for the title track, below. If you like what you hear, also make sure to check out the "Supply and Demand" album Stealf dropped as part of the group Raw Product (along with emcee Mista Flix) just a few months back.


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